Guoventures #14: Fate/guo – Lancer

Ugh. What a greasy servant.

Yang Guo was a peasant hailing from a small village in the countryside of China. He was shortly abandoned after birth due to his unusual greasiness.  He wandered aimlessly and was shunned by the villages because of the shine in his hair. One day, he stumbled upon an ancient tomb. In it was a clay soldier carrying a rusty spear. The spirit of Guan Yu emerged and told Yang Guo, “One day, you shall be a hero.” Yang Guo took the words to heart and took the spear. With his grease, he fashioned the spear into a magnificent weapon, which he named Guo Balg. One summer, an invading army of barbarians attacked the land of China.  The emporer called upon all his soldiers; however, they all fell to the barbarian menace. The Nora tribe could not be stopped. Yang Guo decided to face them alone. With the glistening summer sun upon him, he reflected the light and blinded the barbarians.  He struck them down one by one with Guo Balg. The emperor rewarded him by proclaiming him the hero of China.  Alas, poor Yang Guo did not live to bask in his glory. He was poisoned by a barbarian girl, and his legend would forever remain.

Personal Skills:

  • Instinct: B
  • Mind’s Eye: C
  • Knowledge of Chaotic Harmony: B
  • Grease Shield:
  1. Magic Resistance +1 (gives Yang Guo an A rank in magic resistance instead of a B rank)
  2. Protection against Projectiles: B
  3. Presence Concealment: B
Noble Phantasms:
  • Guo Balg: A++, one-strike, absolute zero perception/reaction
  • GG (Grease Glory): C, summons the sun to blind his enemies
  • Tomb of the Unknown Grease: C, summons Guan Yu to aid in battle, temporary
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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


Just someone who was born with mugibrows.



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