Horror Hoedown Showdown: Top 10 Zombie Games

In the last edition of “Horror Hoedown Showdown,” I gave my opinions on why I loved zombies so much.  Today, I figured I’d list my top 10 zombies games.

10. The OneChanbara (and sequel)

This is probably one of the worst and quite possibly the stupidest game I’ve ever played.  For those of you interested, I recently wrote an editorial on sex in video games.  This game definitely fits the bill of “oversexualization.” An attractive girl in a bikini goes around killing zombies with samurai swords.  It’s so utterly stupid that it’s funny.  For a hack and slash game, it’s very standard.  Nothing too “wow” about it.  Provided me with a few hours of entertainment.  There’s a dress-up mode which will surely draw the ire of anti-sex people.  I’m sure there are some perverts out there; you can’t get rid of them.  I admit had a little fun with it.  It’s fantasy after all.  I’m not going to live out my real life hoping to dress up women in skimpy outfits.  Learn the difference between reality and fiction.  Parasite Eve and No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise had dress-up modes too.  Getting off topic here.  Anyways, if you want a mindless hack and slash game with zombies and bikinis, this game is for you.  There’s a movie too.  

9. House of the Dead series

There was one reason I wanted to go to arcades as a kid even in the age of consoles: House of the Dead.  Although 2 and 3 and an original title (Overkill) were released later on consoles, you had to go to an arcade to get a true on-rails experience (Time Crisis was another game I adored).  Nothing freaked my friends and I out moar than zombies coming right up to the screen to take a life away.  Frantically shooting the screen in hopes of surviving is something I’ll never forget.  But do go play Overkill if you get the chance; it’s one of the better games on the Wii.

8. Call of Duty Zombies

The reason I rank this “game” so highly is that the Call of Duty Zombie mode really put zombies on the map.  I’ve played it numerous times with friends, and the fun never ends.  The original 4 characters (one which is voiced by Steve Blum) are memorable and the maps are diverse and crazy (especially the recently released Moon one).  Also, I always rage when the damn box moves because you got the teddy bear.

7. Killing Floor

I’ve spent so much time playing Killing Floor that the phrase “Loads of money!” has become part of my regular speech.  Just kidding, but in all seriousness, Killing Floor has provided me hours of entertainment.  It used to be my go-to game when I just wanted to kill (no pun intended) some time.  Nothing like surviving waves upon waves of zombies with roaring metal music in the background.  The sound of a Scrake’s chainsaw sends chills up my spine every time.

EDIT: Be sure to check out which Killing Floor class I would choose in real life zombie apocalypse!

6. Red Dead Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption was an awesome game.  What better way to add some extra fun to it then by adding zombies?  At first, I thought this was a completely ridiculous idea.  But as I started to play, I quickly changed my tune.  This is moar of an expansion pack then a DLC.  After all, it was released as a standalone title.  Roaming around the Wild West fighting zombies, zombie animals, and mythical creatures ( like Sasquatch!) is sure to keep you occupied for a while.

5. Dead Island


Like many others, the Dead Island trailer blew me away.  This was one zombie game that really emphasized the element of survival.  When I got my chance to play, I wasn’t disappointed.  I loved the RPG aspect; there really isn’t another zombie game with skill trees is there?  Running around an open world like in Undead Nightmare adds to the fun, and the ability to play with 3 friends makes the desire to play that much moar compelling.  It is a little on the easy side, but I’m looking forward to a sequel and the recently announced movie.

 4. Plants vs. Zombies (review here)

Probably one of my favorite games period.  Plants vs. Zombies took a simple concept and turned it into gold.  Cute plants vs. dorky zombies.  Plenty of laughs to go around.  This game took a boring idea (tower defense) and made it interesting.

3. Dead Rising


What can I say about Dead Rising other than it’s awesome?  Frank West is one bad dude.  The fact that you had only 72 hours (6 real time hours) to complete the game made things interesting.  There were plenty of things to do besides advancing the story.  You could rescue other survivors, fight bosses, or just roam the mall trying on different clothes.  The sheer quantity of weapons made killing zombies fun; I loved experimenting.  Unfortunately, the sequel wasn’t as good; however, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record apparently is better.  I’ll have to pick it up sometime.

2. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Ahhh the memories.  My brother and I literally played this game for hours and hours.  It’s a cult classic.  The simplistic yet strategic gameplay (with weapons ranging from weed whackers to silverware to tomatoes), 16-bit graphics, and an awesome soundtrack, what’s not to love about Zombies Ate My Neighbors?

1B. Resident Evil series

My favorite in the series

The penultimate zombie/undead franchise goes to Resident Evil.  Almost everyone has heard of or played one of the series’ games.  They’ve provided countless hours of fun and scares.  The narratives are some of the best in zombie media.  The characters have become video game legends.  But why does Capcom continue to make terrible business moves?  I’m looking at you $50 Resident Evil: Revelations (they made Revelations a standard priced 3DS game in the end). And don’t get me started on the movies…

EDIT: Check out our review of the latest entry to the series, Resident Evil 6!

1A. Left 4 Dead series

The best zombie game on my list goes to Left 4 Dead and its sequel.  No zombie game has provided me moar entertainment.  The perfect survival experience.  LIFE44’s videos speak for themselves.

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  1. Nice zombie game list. If anyone likes MMORPGs, then I think he/she should definitely try http://www.zombiepandemic.com.It has deeper game play, cooler missions and role playing.

    • I often play the game Zombie Pandemic . Its really an interesting zombie game. I love the cut scenes among the missions. I’m on level 3 right now.

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  3. These are the list of best zombie games that can play with multi player and my favorite game on the list was the Left 4 Dead and I already finished playing this.

  4. Onechandara is smut and shouldn’t even be on this list.

  5. Um, it's "more" not "moar". Although moar is technically not a word, it is used a lot on the net, but in this case i think the context is incorrect. It is a combo of more and roar, which is not the feeling you are trying to convey, at lest i don't think so.

    Good article though. Left 4 dead is awesome in so many inexpressible ways that it's…awesome!?

  6. In regards to "moar," you obviously missed the point. Oh well. As a new reader, you probably don't get it. Hint: it has to do with our site's name and back story.

    Regardless, thanks for reading. L4D is an awesome game.

  7. more.. not moar. But nice reviews, never heard of killing floor before this.

  8. Everyone needs to try DEAD NATION.

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