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Well I’m really late in putting this up, but with the impending Voltron: Defender of the Universe video game hitting PSN on November 29th, I figured I’d put this article up.  At NYCC/NYAF, I was invited to a Voltron press panel where I got to meet some people involved with the Voltron franchise.  I met Natalie So, the Mattell Brand Marketing Manager, and got some cool info about the the Voltron figures coming out.  I also met Traci Todd, a Senior Editor at VIZ Media, who is overseeing the Voltron Force graphic novels.  But the person I was most interested in meeting was Peter Armstrong, the Director of Product Development at THQ.  I learned a great deal about the gameplay and ideas behind the Voltron: Defender of the Universe game coming out soon.  Here’s a list of interesting details about the game:

  • No matter what lion you choose, you’ll be doing something in the combined form.  You won’t just be responsible for moving the leg.
  • In the combined robot mode (which is only available for boss fights), the gameplay is turn based.  During the attack stage, 1 player chooses an attack while the other players determine the power of the attack.  When you defend, each player has to press a random button to defend and counter the Robeast’s attack.
  • Peter said there were 3 types of gameplay: there’s the twin stick mode, which focuses on melee combat (clawing, grabbing) and where each player controls his or her lion with its own special abilities and weaknesses, turn-based mode, where the lions combine to fight a Robeast, and shoot ’em up mode, where the gameplay switches to a bullet hell type of mode when traveling between planets
  • There’s also a “fourth” mode: when you’re in your individual lion, if your lion goes down, your pilot is ejected and must roam on foot while making repairs.  He must fend off foot soldiers, and the other lions must protect him.
  • Visually speaking, the dev team decided to go with a cel-shaded look.  The game will also include clips from the original animated series.
  • With a good team, Peter estimated that the Story Mode could be beaten in 5 hours.  But there’s different levels of difficulty and leaderboards, making the replayability high.
  • If the game does well, THQ would consider doing moar Voltron games.
  • There will be DLC.
  • At SDCC, they released Xbox 360 avatar costumes and accessories.  Upon the launch of the game, players will be able to get their very own lion pet for their avatar.
Check out the homepage for some videos and screenshots!
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