Analysis: Is It Just Me, or Are All Pink-Haired Anime Girls Useless?


I’ve been meaning to bring this topic up for a while.  One day I posed this question to Jack Guo: “Are there any pink-haired anime girls that are useful?”  He grew silent, and then later replied, “No, I don’t think there are bro.”

My first realization of this startling fact came when I was watching Gundam Seed.  Lacus Clyne just seemed so…useless.  All she did was sit there, look pretty, and preach about peace.  I hated when there was a scene featuring Lacus because I knew that I was in for a 5 minute speech about some ridiculous ideology (well to be honest, the entire Seed franchise was one giant, pointless teenage angst drama).

Why the hell did she get her own seat aboard the Eternal?  I really didn’t think much of it at the time, thinking that she was just a specific case.  But as the years went on, I was exposed to moar and moar useless pink-haired anime chicks.  Don’t get me wrong, I like some of these characters, but I feel they serve no real purpose other than eye-candy.  I’ve compiled a list of a few pink-haired anime girls that come across as useless below.  I only chose characters from shows I’ve actually watched.  You should also take into account that this list is meant to be partially comical, so don’t flame too much.  

1. Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed

You’ve got ask yourself, does she really do anything?



 2. Sakura Haruno, Naruto

Besides screaming for her beloved Sasuke, how exactly does she contribute to the plot of Naruto?  All her fights are extremely boring.



 3. Euphemia li Britannia, Code Geass

Her death actually served moar purpose than her living.  I have a little moar sympathy for Euphemia because while she is another peace-spouting, ideological idiot, she at least had a sound plan to bring about peace.


  4.  Himeji Mizuki, Baka to Test

She’s the smartest character, yet half the time she’s standing around being timid.



  5.  Feldt Grace, Gundam 00

Feldt is the operator of the Ptolemaios.  She’s somewhat useful, but anyone can operate a ship.  She becomes a total loser in the movie.



  6.  Moka Akashiya, Rosario + Vampire

I love Rosario + Vampire but Moka is still a ditz.  Her true form is badass though.



  7.  Louise, Zero no Tsukaima

God another Rie Kugimiya character.  Tsundere + useless = trouble.  Tiffania was the best part of this show.



  8. Yuna Miyama, Maburaho

She’s the typical housewife character, and while it would be cool to have someone serve you, I would much rather have a girlfriend with moar personality.



  9.  Miharu Sena Kanaka, Girls Bravo

Well what do you know? Another klutzy pink-haired anime girl.  She’s super sweet, but incredibly airheaded.



  10.  Emi Isuzu, Tenjho Tenge

She’s really powerful, but she’s a complete phony.  She’s nothing but a fat cow in her true form.  I have nothing against heavier girls, but don’t hide it.  Be yourself.  It’s the hiding part I despise.  So while she’s not useless, she still makes it on the list.


  11.  Lala, To LOVE-Ru

Man I hate Lala.  She’s so damn annoying.  She may be a genius, but I would probably wind up dead with all the crazy stuff she gets everyone in to.



  12.  Ikaros, Sora no Otoshimono

Ikaros gets points for being a kickass warrior.  She loses points for serving a despicable pervert.



  13.  Luna Edomae, Seto no Hanayome

She’s the most annoying character in the series.  Seto Sun trumps her in just about every way.  Her father, the Terminator, is hilarious though.



  14.  Charlotte Hazelrink, Princess Lover

In Jack Guo’s opinion, Princess Lover is one of the worst anime out there.  I still love it, and I hope the VN is translated one day.  Anyways, of the the 4 main heroines, Charlotte is the most useless.  Sylvie is an excellent warrior, Seika is a premier fashion designer, and Yuu is the most tender.  What does Charlotte have?  The biggest breasts.

  15.  Yachiru Kusajishi, Bleach

Seriously, every time I see her in the show, she’s riding on Kenpachi’s back.



  16.  Yui, Angel Beats

I don’t hate Yui, but I think it would be fair to say I liked Masami better.  Yui’s role in the show is mostly for comedic relief, and the fact she has a tragic childhood is moot since everyone in Angel Beats has had a tragic childhood.


  17.  Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

People are going to hate me for saying this (and yes I’m saying this in seriousness, not in jest like some of these other characters), I hated Madoka, and I hated the show overall.  Ok maybe not “hate” but I think it’s vastly overrated.  Kinda like Code Geass.  Madoka for 3/4 of the series is completely useless.  She stands around wondering what to do, with Kyubey constantly nudging her to make a contract.

  18.  Saya Takagi, Highschool of the Dead

In case you missed my review, I didn’t like Saya.  I can’t decide who’s moar useless: Rei or Saya.  But I’m going with Saya here since she’s got pink hair.



  19.  Akari Mizunashi, Aria the Animation

This whole show was pointless; every episode put me to sleep just about.  All the characters were pretty much useless, but Akari’s got pink hair, so she gets the title of “Most Useless.”


  20.  Inori Yuzuriha, Guilty Crown

Here’s a character from a currently airing show.  Inori by all accounts is pretty useless (if you read my Fall Impressions, I’m not keeping up with this show, been hearing things from friends).  She’s kind of like Ikaros in that she’s “bound” to someone.  I needed a flat 20, so she gets the nod.


However, not all pink-haired anime girls are useless.  Here’s a small list of some characters who are quite useful.

   1. Haruko Haruhara, FLCL

Haruko is awesome.  She kicks ass.



  2.  Simca, Air Gear

One of the best at “Air Trecks.”



  3.  Amanda Werner, Blassreiter

One of the best XAT agents out there.  She’s not to be messed with.



  4.  Nodoka Haramura, Saki

Her online ego, Nodocchi, is amazing.  Professional mahjong players don’t stand a chance.



  5.  Rio Rollins Tachibana, Rio Rainbow Gate

Rio has God-like luck.  She’s full of winning.



  6.  Yuno Gasai, Mirai Nikki

Crazy yandere who is madly in love with you and will do anything to protect you? Definitely not useless.




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  1. What about that one girl from Baka to Test? Smartest one of the group, best grades and therefore one of the strongest fighters. Sure, she can't cook, but she's not terrible at much else.

  2. Another non-useless pink haired girl: Anya Alstreim from Code Geass. She can be a bit annoying, but she's still a pretty damn good pilot.

  3. You forgot Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

    • Oh gosh, Megumi… not only was she useless she was so annoying and self-centered. She tops that list for me, since I don't know too much about the other pink haired girls in the useless list (except Madoka, Akari, Inori and Euphie. At least THEY were nice)

    • "I only chose characters from shows I’ve actually watched."

  4. Why is Tiffinia the best?! 1. Louise is the main female role. 2. Tiffinia is stealing Saito away from Louise after Louise and Saito was married! 3. Saito cares about her more than his wife, Louise!!!!!!!!! To me I hate Siesta and Tiffinia and Henrietta and Tabitha the most!!!!! They all steal Saito away though he is obviously meant to be with Louise!!! I don't mind Kirche cause she flirts with all boys and I don't mind Jessica cause she just showed in one episode. But Siesta, Tiffinia and Henrietta is all Saito cares about!!!!!!! I HATE AND WISH THEY WEREN'T IN THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

    • rage much? people lack reading comprehension these days. And I quote, " You should also take into account that this list is meant to be partially comical, so don’t flame too much." But in all seriousness, I dislike tsunderes

  5. Sakura Haruno defeated sasori of the sand and his army in one of the most intense battles of the series

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  7. Bet you have never seen Gasai Yuno

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  9. Oh look, another ignorant comment.

    Trolling and inflammatory comments will not be tolerated. Have a nice day, good sir.

  10. I wouldn't say himeji is COMPLETELY useless. I mean if it wasn't for her, class F would've lost every battle.

  11. Maximillion genius

    lacus clyne is a dipshit compared to minmai and haman karn. Certified Mary Sue!!!!!!!!

  12. Aww But Yui was my favorite character in Angel Beats 3:

  13. Plus Yui wasn't useless! She played the new singer in Girls Dead Monster! Without her the band would have probally be lost without a lead singer since Iwasawa!

  14. This is in response to your opinions on the Uselessness of some of the Pink Haired Girls you listed that I recognize:

    Lacus Clyne: I feel She was meant as more a "reassurance" for people who suffered from War Stress(So to speak)
    Sakura Haruno: I agree with you only 90% because of the Sasori Fight.
    Moka Akashiya: I agree with you 100%
    Louise: Now you have to remember that she was Bullied through most of her Wizard Years for her bad Magic Skills so you can't be too hard on her.
    Yuna Miyama: I agree with you 95% because of her magic skills
    Miharu Sena Kanaka: I Agree with you 100%
    Emi Isuzu: I agree with you 100%
    Lala: I Agree with you 100%. Seriously, Lala is nothing but "a Pair of Breasts"(in my opinion)
    Ikaros: I agree with you 100%
    Yachiru: I agree with you 100%
    Takagi: Eh! I think she's okay. but not a favorite.

    • I appreciate that you weren't belligerent in your reply or attempted to flame. This post was made in part for comedy, so it wasn't meant to be taken too seriously XD. Although looking back, I think I can throw in the rest of the pink haired cast of To Love Ru (mainly based on the recent season).

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  16. Gasai Yuno….. thats all that needs to be said.

  17. This is great, I wonder why people gets fired up so much. This is just 4 fun right..?
    I don’t really like Himeji, in my opinion, she is mary sue.

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