First Impressions: Saints Row: The Third

Is it legal for a game to be this much fun?

Hello there Moar Powah! Welcome to phase 2 of SIYM’s Project Warpath! Hope everyone enjoyed the double-feature/catch-up yesterday with Modern Warfare 3.  Looking back, there really wasn’t much to say about the game. Despite its historical launch, the product is essentially MW2 with a few trick up its sleeve. For COD fans, that’s more than enough. For those still holding out on the series or maybe those who fell out of love for the franchise, it definitely won’t cause any change of heart. However, moving forward, let’s talk First Impressions with Saints Row the Third . . .

As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, the Saints Row franchise has absolutely no priority above having fun. Even without cheat codes activated, this game is an undeniably good time from the get go. For starters, the game opens up with silly sequences that would require me bestowing a nobel prize to anyone who could remotely make sense of it. A few minutes later, the game finally opens up after some obligatory need-to-do’s and then the real Saints Row begins.For those of you familiar with Saints Row 2, this game follows along the same lines as MW3 by not veering too far off the proven path and focuses primarily on upgrading its strengths. The sandbox is still there; however, the experience itself does feel a bit more shooter-friendly. Basically, accommodations were made to smooth out the run-and-gun gameplay that was not too polished in the previous Saints Row. The game is fun, no doubt about it, and it’ll be interesting to see what else turns up in the coming days. All things considered, the addition of new weapons (predator missle!) new looks (golden skin!) and some hilarious modes of transportation (the Johnny Gat mobile anyone?) make this installment a fine addition to the franchise. Look forward to a full review next week on Thursday. Hope you enjoyed!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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