Mecha Monday: Gundam Variations Are So Much Cooler

Recently, I found some Gundam Wing Kai variations that I think are absolutely awesome.  I hope one day Bandai releases model kits or Robot Damashii figures of these suits.  Take a look below!

The Sandrock Armadillo has some nifty looking shields, the Heavyarms Igel has additional missile pods and leg mounted treads for mobility, and the Shenlong Liaoya has a a giant sword.  The Deathscythe variation will be revealed in the November issue of Hobby Magazine.

Speaking of variations, Gundam 00V has some sick variations of the standard Celestial Being Gundams.  What is Gundam 00V?  00V is a picture novel of customized mobile suits.  Bandai’s Robot Damashii line has produced some of the customized Celestial Being Gundams: the Arios Gundam Ascalon, the Cherudim Gundam SAGA, and the Seravee Gundam GNHW/3G.  I have both the Ascalon and SAGA and have pre-ordered the GNHW/3G (which is a Tamashii Web Shop exclusive).  Don’t you agree that these variations are so much cooler than their regular counterparts?

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