Guoventures #16: Fate/guo – Archer

You are under arrest for unauthorized trespassing on this post!

Do people still stick posters on the sides of buildings? This is a sort of nostalgic picture, since I haven’t seen advertisements (especially for joining the Holy Grail War) on the sides of buildings in ages. I guess we have better places to stick them nowadays. It seems the fad nowadays is to stick posters on construction sites.

Anyways, I suppose it is time for the debut of Archer and his master, Girl A JILL MASAMUNE [whose favorite color is red and who has invaded and conquered this post].

Alas I don’t have the stats page, since I don’t make them. Jack Guo usually does, but he’s been busy and all in all MIA these days, so use your imaginations and make Archer as overpowered as you like! (maybe Judge will revise this at a later date and add on the stats page…)

What I can tell you is that one of his Nobel Phantasms is the Gate of Go. Not Guo, Go. This is because Archer is based on a oatmeal-and-board-game-loving friend Xomnom.

Enjoy, that is all for this week’s Guoventures.

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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


Just someone who was born with mugibrows.


  1. Amazing. I love it.

    In fact, the resemblance could be even stronger, with just a small tweak to the shape of the glasses. Also, since I seem to be depicted wearing slippers, you'll be delighted to know that my slippers in reality are red, which I think would go well with the clothes in the drawing.

    The way the poster's sky-colored background suggests that Archer is floating next to Jill, instead of being a printed image, is very clever, especially with the Go stones that suggest clouds. Though even with the graffiti pointing to the illusion, I only noticed the effect upon realizing very late that it was actually supposed to be a wall poster, after spending quite some time tinkering with the glasses in an image editor.

    A similar idea with less potential for confusion occurred to me, which was to change the poster background to an image of space, which would have much of the same effect. Indeed, I had a particular piece of clip-art in mind, which also has more recognizable Go stones, and a hint of grid. As a final escape route from confusion, I gave the poster a texture that hopefully isn't too obnoxious.

    Here's a mockup:

    Someone actually capable of drawing probably wouldn't have resorted to the crude surgery that resulted in the uneven aliasing. =P

  2. Oh, the outlines look very clean even though you didn't have the original! I actually really like your picture there, the Gate of Go can indeed be spacey, it looks more gate-ish, like one to another dimension. And your red slippers shall be duly noted, it's cute how they'll match Jill's.

    Someday I'll draw non-chibis, so any alterations will be made on that one.

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