Mecha Monday: Byarlant Custom Kicks Ass

Hey guys don’t know if any of you have seen Gundam Unicorn episode 4 yet, but if you have, then you’ll recall a certain badass mobile suit going to work on the hopelessly outclassed ancient Zeon mobile suits.  I made a short video with all of the Byarlant Custom’s scenes, so I hope you enjoy.  Also, Bandai will be releasing a Robot Damashii figure of the Byarlant Custom next April.  The price is a bit steep since it’s an exclusive (damn those exclusives!), but I’m still pre-ordering one.  You can find order it from a proxy service like Tokyo-Hunter or Yokatta.

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  1. Never thought Jerid's suit would wind up becoming so cool!

  2. Watching Zeon suits get destroyed is rather depressing 🙁

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