Nov 272011

Hello readers and welcome to yet another (late) post on Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them! Now with Thanksgiving having come and gone—along with the roasted turkey, mountains of stuffing, luscious rivers of gravy, etc. etc—what could one possibly eat to stave off hunger? Especially while marathoning Skyrim during those last precious hours of vacation?

Well, look no further than towards the (literally) golden standard for protein: the humble egg!


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Nov 272011

So the Inverseman, when he’s not scheming the demise of the human world as an abomination of reality, likes to don the guise of a family man and have one of  these “Thanksgiving dinners”.

Hey all, hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend. So it turns out my little eleven-year-old cousin has taken a shine to my K-On! season one DVDs, so logically, I lent them to her. So I figured, with a typically moe moe slice of life anime, you can easily find the perspective of a teenage or college-aged adult’s opinion, and any creepy connotations that may or may not follow, but what about a kid’s perspective? How would a little sixth grader view this series? My cousin has been exposed to various anime and manga before and is kinda getting into things. Her first series other than Pokemon was Cardcaptor Sakura and by that I mean in the original, not the horrid dub! As such I sat her down for a talk, this is more or less how it went after organizing our discussion. Continue reading »

Nov 262011

For those of you who missed it, I reviewed Aladdin last week because I wanted to discuss what may be the biggest driving force behind Western animation: Disney. The movies and production methods of Walt Disney Pictures are so massively influential that I’ve decided I shouldn’t contain my discussion of them to one article. So join me for the second part of my series on Disney, this time focusing on The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My Aladdin article was a bit critical of the Disney method. I think it’s important for me to establish that I don’t actually think poorly of Disney. For all the bad influences the studio has had on the field of animation in general (mostly as a result of formulaic storytelling and insidious distribution methods), Disney has produced many classic animated films and have generally been pioneers of animation techniques and trends since their inception.

That said, I’m going to complain just a little bit more before getting to the good stuff in my next two articles.

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Nov 252011

For those of you who don’t know, Satoshi Kon was one of the most celebrated Japanese directors. He use of the bizarre and psychological to add whimsy. He is responsible for one of my favorite films of all time Tokyo Godfathers. Unfortunately, he lost a battle to pancreatic cancer on August 24th, 2010, leaving a wonderful, but brief cinematic legacy behind.

This week on Manic Movie Magic, we’ll be looking at one of Kon’s most dark and influential pieces of cinema, as well as his directorial debut, Perfect Blue.

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Nov 252011

“This is what it’s all about . . .”

This past Monday marked the release of Nickelback’s latest and greatest “Here and Now.” The seventh studio album from the internationally infamous Canadian group. I myself am a massive fan of their work and have proceeded to give this collection of awesomeness numerous playthroughs since its release. From the perspective of a loyal admirer, Nickelback once again prove reliable and stick to what they do best: Rock hard but let the good times roll. From the viewpoint of an average, everyday music man, this album offers nothing new in terms of approach. All the songs are comparable to their previous work, for better or worse. You’ve got your half-time show vibe (“Bottoms Up”) all the way to Taylor Swift-ing about young love (“Don’t Ever Let It End”). It’s always impressive how effortlessly Chad Kroeger and Co. shift from mega to melodic. For every rocker on this album, there’s always a few heartfelt numbers sure to follow. As artificial and insincere as the emotions have always been radiating from such enormously successful international/mainstream acts like Nickelback, the fact still remains that these guys at least know how to do what they do and do it right. While I’ll be holding off for another time to do a full review of this soon-to-be multi-platinum release, I’ll at least leave you guys with a few SIYM picks that I find worth checking out for those you not sold yet on grabbing the entire record.

Kiss It Goodbye (Most fun song Nickelback has ever done. Catchy as hell and the beat is undeniably groovy. A tongue-in-cheek sentiment towards Hollywood and what it really means to take on the “real world” in search of stardom.)

Lullaby (I expected another “Far Away” and ended up experiencing one of the most emotionally charged rockers this band has ever attempted. Big production and heart-on-sleeve lyrics give us a great listen for fans and haters alike to sign along to.)

-Fifth Fleet Out-

Nov 242011

Hello Moar Powah! I wanted to do a review of Dragon Crisis! even though the show finished airing earlier this year.  Why?  Well for one it’s one of the few shows I’ve watched from start to finish this year.  And two with the recent release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I’ve heard all this talk about killing dragons and such, so I thought it would be cool to do something dragon related. Continue reading »