SIYM Presents: Project Warpath Update #3

. . . and then there were 4

Dear MoarPowah!, I come before you with most regrettable news. No, I haven’t been cheating on you. No, I’m not doing crack. No, I’m not illegal. And, hell no, Mass Effect does not rank higher than your awesomeness . . . well, hypothetically, IF it did, it wouldn’t be by that much.

No seriously, time for an update. I am, as of the last week, no longer a computer gamer. Long story short, I can’t keep up (financially) with PC gaming. That also means that The Old Republic will be off the Warpath. It’s a shame because I recently had the opportunity to play the beta and the impressions I got were very impressive. Still, I’m no MMO player so it would have been difficult for me to judge it without having played other games of its genre.

Now for some good news! Soon enough, I’ll be the proud owner of a PS3. A product I’ve been wanting for the longest time. Having one console is pretty cool but having BOTH (PS3 and 360) is a real advantage, especially when playing with friends of different platforms. Better yet, I’m also moving my Mass Effect efforts over to the SONY side of gaming. Not only will this be a refreshing experience to play on a new console, I’ll also be able to take full advantage of the co-op feature that Mass Effect 3 will have. Good things!

To wrap this up, the remaining contestants of Project Warpath (at time of writing) are “Bioshock: Infinite” and “Mass Effect 3.” I may (not certain yet) add to this list for some more interesting competition but for now it stands as it is. As mentioned before, the “field report” will come at the very end of all the Warpathin’ shenanigans but every now and again I’ll be listing some pre-reports that indicate the current contenders’ rankings. Sorry MW3, I think you and I both know that beating up homeless people with a giant purple dildo is far more entertaining than Captain Price-punching the snot out of Makarov.

Field Report (so far)

1) Saints Row: The Third

2) Modern Warfare 3

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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