Kamehameha: Saito vs. Usui from Rurouni Kenshin

“Kamehameha” is a series of post where we examine various action scenes from movies, anime, and cartoons, to name a few. It’s name comes from one of the most famous special moves in Dragon Ball Z. We chose a DBZ reference because it’s the definition of an action show…minus the drawn out stare down filler.

Hey guys and welcome to another edition of “Kamehameha.”  I haven’t really been doing this column much because it hasn’t turned out the way I expected.  Nonetheless, I hope to release this column moar often.  With that out of the way, we’ll be looking at the fight scene between Saito and Usui from the show Rurouni Kenshin.  Saito is an ex-Shinsengumi member who only uses one attack, Gatotsu.  Usui is a member of Makoto Shishio’s Juppongatana (Ten Swords, Shishio’s elite unit) and is blind.  He has a special ability called the “Eye of the Heart”, which enables him to see everything about his opponent, despite being blind.  Here are a few things that make this fight one of the moar interesting ones in the series:

  • Despite Saito being seemingly calm on the exterior no matter the situation, hearing Usui say that Saito is surprised after Gatotsu is initially blocked is real interesting.  There’s a lot going on in that man’s head (although I don’t have to tell you that if you’re a fan of the series).
  • Discovering the secret to Usui’s “Eye of the Heart” was one of the most anticipated moments for me at least in the show.  I had always wondered what the secrets were to each character’s abilities.  It was one of the appealing parts of the show; it’s not just a show about fighting, but it is also a show about thinking.  On a side note, superhuman hearing sure is handy!
  • Saito claims he has the “Eye of the Heart” too.  He prefers to call it the “Power of Observation.”  Enter badass Saito.
  • Continuing from the last point, Saito begins to reveal Usui’s true motives.  Only through countless death matches do warriors become stronger, which is how he developed such powerful observation; Saito deduces that Usui knew that he would never be able to defeat Shishio since he has gone through so many death matches, so Usui used a lame excuse to hide his frustration and justify his teaming up with the man he “hated.”
  • Usui’s laugh is an excellent interlude to the fight.  It shows us, the audience, that Saito hit the nail on the head.  When Saito joins in the laughter, he does it to mock Usui.  This is just flat out hilarious.
  • Usui reveals his ultimate attack, which is pretty cool.
  • He mocks Saito for only using one attack, and then says he will kill him slowly for revealing his true self.  Usui claims even Shishio could not.
  • Another badass Saito moment.  Saito realizes that Usui preys on weaker opponents to boost his ego since he can’t beat Shishio.  Saito continues to insult Usui by telling him Shishio isn’t dumb and knows this, and he’s merely playing along so he can use Usui.
  • Usui is obviously pissed.  Watching him so desperately try to elicit fear from Saito is sad.  He doesn’t have a real warrior’s heart.  He thinks he has Saito on the ropes and then…
  • BAM! Saito unleashes his secret technique.  Bye bye Usui. Priceless 🙂
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  1. One of my favorite fights from the series! Usui was definitely the most interesting member of the Jupppongatana.

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