Pluffei Predicts: Mawaru Penguindrum

This show is not all about lingerie thieving penguins.

So, Mawaru Penguindrum has been a total tripfest and all, but here I am, attempting to go and dish out a prediction. I’ll put it out there, this post contains spoilers, so read at your own discretion. Well then, let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

Without further ado, let’s dig in! Itadakimasu~

Da Plot, so far. (click here to skip plot and go to verdict)

An insert picture from the end of episode 21.

I’m assuming everyone reading this knows the general premise of the series. The story generally revolves around the three Takakura siblings: Kanba, Shoma and Himari. Kanba and Shoma are the same age, although they’re not twins, as it is later revealed that Kanba was actually adopted. While we’re at it, Himari was adopted as well.

Anyways, Himari is has some terminal illness, and is being kept alive by a saucy alien penguin-hat, under the conditions that her brothers can obtain the “Penguindrum,” whatever that is. Up to this point, we still don’t know what a penguindrum is, although the penguin-hat hasn’t shown up in quite a while, supposedly because it ran out of juice. Instead, the role of the mysterious all-knowing alien is being filled by Doctor Sanetoshi, a pink-haired self-proclaimed ghost who gives Himari medicine that keeps her alive in place of the hat. Unfortunately, the medicine hasn’t been working any more; like any medicine, the more you take it, the less potent it becomes.

Let’s backtrack to the brothers. In order to “obtain the penguindrum,” our main heroes come across 3 important chicks: Oginome Ringo, Natsume Masako and Oginome Momoka. Momoka is not really count as a character the heroes directly “meet,” but I include her because she links everyone together, and because she’s the original owner of what’s closest to a “penguindrum,” Ringo’s destiny/future diary (lololol Mirai Nikki).

You can almost hear the crazed cackling.

And Ringo is Momoka’s (living) younger sister, who was born on the day Momoka died. Ringo is also Shoma’s only contending love interest, and since her arc where she was being crazy is over, she doesn’t have much of a role anymore. On the other hand, it looks like Masako will have a larger role starting now, since it was recently revealed that Kanba is actually her biological brother. And I thought she was just crazy in love with him… she had us all fooled.

And now we pretend that backtrack didn’t happen. As of now, Kanba left the Takakura family because Shoma had a problem with his “ends justifies the means” attitude; Kanba was accepting money from Takakura-daddy’s eco-terrorist organization in order to pay Doctor Sanetoshi for Himari’s medicine. Except, it turns out Sanetoshi was the one who created the terrorist organization to begin with, which means Kanba obviously played right into his hands. The more money Kanba takes from the organization, the stronger his ties with the organization become. As expected, after leaving Shoma, Kanba becomes the new head of Sanetoshi and Takakura-daddy’s eco-terrorist group.

Planning their evil schemes.

I also failed to mention, but Shoma also kicked Himari out of the family. It probably wasn’t an ill-intentioned move; Shoma feels like the Takakura name has brought too much grief to his pretend-siblings, and they were paying the price for people who weren’t even their real parents. Well, all the better, since now Himari and Masako are semi-working together to save Kanba from the eco-terrorist group. Ironically, Kanba is just heading the group because he thinks he can save Himari if he does that. But obviously, when it’s the idea of a crazed and desperate guy in love, plans don’t exactly work out.

Da Verdict.

So it is finally time for deliberation. What do I think will happen? Well, assuming that the little intermission train-stop animation isn’t screwing with me, the train to moving back towards the first stop. Why, you ask? Since the show is called Mawaru Penguindrum — “mawaru” meaning something along the lines of turning and revolving, or in other words, moving in a circle — I’m assuming this is one of those loopy paths, so the train should be mawaru-ing its ass back to its first stop, since the first and last stops of a loopy tracked train are on the same station. When we look at it like that, predicting the end is simply drawing a line from where we are now to the end point.

So what is the starting point? Well, in the beginning Himari was pretty much dead and Kanba and Shoma were despairing. Ah, Himari. She’s actually quite a tragic character. So far, she’s still dying, she found out that her fated lover likes someone else, but instead of some normal shoujo heroine, she decides not to pursue him, and instead she walks away from him entirely. Oh, and the only person who really loves her is about to either get himself killed or go crazy. All in all, she’s got a lot cut out for her, and though I think she’ll make it out alive (since I want a good ending), she’ll lose something important.

Why? Himari will become the next Momoka. Instead of Ringo, although she no longer wants to become Momoka. Still, it’s an ironic turn of events, no? There have been plenty of twists and turns in this anime, some irony is inevitable. As for how Himari will obtain the two halves of the diary, considering how one of Yuri/Tabuki were about to get offed by an eco-terrorist-minion, there is a good chance that Yuri will either lose sight of the diary or give her half to Himari in order to prevent another eco-terrorist attack. Then, Himari can go and convince Natsume to give her the other half, for the sake of saving Kanba obviously. Once Himari has both halves, I predict that penguin-hat will make a not-so-surprise return. And from there, some self-ruminative scene will take place, where human-Himari and penguin-Himari will cook up a plan on save Kanba and save the Earth and stop eco-terrorists. Like how Momoka did.

You just got Genghis Khan'd!

I’ve been talking a lot about Himari, but what about everyone else? Starting with Yuri/Tabuki, one of them may die or get severely injured from getting stabbed by the minion, and then their parts should more or less be over. They had their arcs, and the Ringo arc has been long resolved. Natsume seems to be a rather stubborn and independent person, so in addition to her grudgingly assisting Himari in bringing down the eco-terrorists supernaturally, she may also attempt to bring down the organization economically. Basically, she might try to override the company with the only thing she has a lot of: money. That should hinder Kanba a bit, but ultimately the Momoka Plan will be the big push.

Being depressed on his own, boo hoo.

And finally, Shoma and Ringo. What part do they have in here. Well, frankly, I don’t think they’ll be in the loop at all. Shoma and Ringo will try to sort out their feeling problems. Ringo’s arc is over (as I’ve said before) so all she’s good for now is a support for Shoma. As for Shoma, at first he’ll probably stick with his idea that breaking up the family was for the best, since he thinks the Takakura name is a burden. But later, he might change his mind, and realize that the times they spent together as a family weren’t lies or whatever, and he may try to bring both Kanba and Himari back. However, Himar isn’t with the random uncle she said she’d be with, and once Shoma realizes that, it’ll probably be too late. He’ll miraculously arrive at the scene of the crime though, at the nick of time.

So, why does Himari survive? Well, I’ll be guessing that she’ll attempt to do the whole train transferring thing Momoka did. But what will she have to sacrifice? The penguin-hat. She’ll lose that other part of her that’s linked to all these things she never knew about. Remember in episode 9, there was some scene when the 3 penguin-stooges were being shipped out? In that scene, Penguin-Himari was also there, and she was the one holding the Apple of Fate. Doctor Sanetoshi was also there, and he called the penguin-hat a veil for the Bride of Fate. By transferring to a different train, Himari will have to give up her pre-destined fate. Penguin-Himari will disappear, and the Himari that is left in the world will probably have no memory of Shoma giving her the apple anymore, and maybe even no memories of Shoma and Kanba. And I think Sanetoshi will disappear with Penguin-Himari. After all, they originated from the same place, it seems. Too cheap a price to pay compared to Momoka? Maybe, but I’m working under the assumption that we’ll get a happy end…

And that’s my two cents. Not worth much, but I’m looking forward to see how much I get right and how much I was trolled.

Gochisousama deshita, over and out!

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Just someone who was born with mugibrows.

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