SIYM Presents: Moar Mass Effect?

Santa dropped by a little early this year . . .

You’ll be shocked to hear that I honestly thought about giving up on my Mass Effect fanaticism. It had been so long since I derived any pleasure from playing the franchise. With all the 100% completions and countless hours logged in, I didn’t think I’d ever find any true motivation to do moar play-throughs. Well, as of this week, I’m back in action! Off on an adventure to save the digital universe . . . again! This time, on console! Of course, to complete such a task, one must be properly equipped for this kind of job. How does SIYM gear up for duty? Let’s check it out:

Turtle Beach PX5: With the exception of the Modern Warfare branded “Delta” Turtle Beach’s, this headset is the biggest bang for your buck you can get from this manufacturer. I’ve always been a TB fan and the PX5’s do NOT disappoint. However, I haven’t had the most diverse experience with gaming equipment so I’m unable to compare TB with its competitors (i.e. Triton) but I can say that I’m a satisfied customer after putting the product through its initial paces. I may do a review in the future but for now I’ll just give a few impressions (good/bad) that have stood out so far. PROS = Comfortable, wireless, clear/immersive sound, multiple presets, easy-to-setup, great color! CONS = Pricey, reports of cup swivel breaks, bass sound is not impressive. Overall, for a personal review, I give it 4.5/5. It’s a fantastic headset that should satisfy all your audio desires. Just remember to choose dynamic bass (preset 2) and set your equalizer to “Bass Booster” for maximum BLAM and POW!

Playstation 3: I’ll be frank, I’ve never owned a Playstation in my life so I had no idea what to expect. In short, I enjoy this new piece of hardware. It’s slick, fast, and mostly reliable. I say “mostly” because I’m currently having issues downloading an update for Battlefield 3 and it’s driving me crazy. My last resort: Wired Connection! We shall see what happens next. So, what are my thoughts? PROS = Quiet, powerful, slick interface, the HOME network, Blu-Ray discs allow games to stay on one disc as opposed to 2 or 3 on xbox. CONS = Installing every game you play gets annoying quickly, audio interaction pales in comparison to xbox’s “party/game chat,” the interface and accessibility isn’t as simplified as it could be. Overall, I love it! Gets a little intricate in places but the learning curve is quickly overcome. Plug in a keyboard for maximum enjoyment of HOME. A personal review would give this a solid 4/5. Not perfect, but nothing is. Great console from a great manufacturer!

Mass Effect 2: *sigh* Let’s get this over with–> PROS = Everything / CONS = Nothing / 5 out of 5. See? I can be unbiased.

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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