Heisman Picks

Hey guys Judge here with a quick prediction of the Heisman Trophy placings.

  1. Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor University:  RG3 has been the most dynamic player in college football.  Without him, Baylor is a .500 team at best.  His stats aren’t that shabby either; he has 3998 passing yards, a 72.4% completion percentage, a 10.84 YPA indicating his insane big play ability, and a 36/6 TD to INT ratio.  He’s also rushed for 644 yards and 6 TD’s.  His Heisman buzz has been a roller coaster ride: it started off high with an exciting win over TCU, died down after a 4 game stretch where they 1-3, and then picked back up with his clutch play to lead Baylor to victory over Oklahoma.  Nonetheless, he should win the Heisman.
  2. Montee Ball, RB University of Wisconsin: “Moneyball” has been a point machine this season, scoring 38 TD’s (one shy of Barry Sanders all-time mark of 39) and rushing for 1759 yards with a 6.4 average.  He’s clearly been the most statistically dominant player this season, but stats aren’t everything.  Unlike RG3, Ball plays with one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Russell Wilson.  No doubt that Ball has led Wisconsin to a few victories, but RG3 has done it all by himself.  And even if he breaks Sanders’ all-time TD record (which he no doubt will in the Rose Bowl), he’ll never be as great.  Some stats: Sanders rushed for 2628 yards and 39 TD’s in 11 games;  Ball has compiled his stats thus far in 13 games.  Bowl game stats weren’t counted towards season stats in Sanders time; if they had been, Sanders amazing Holiday Bowl performance in which he ran for 222 yards and 5 TD’s would have given him season totals of 2850 yards (7.6 average) and 42 TD’s.
  3. Trent Richardson, RB University of Alabama: I’m as big an Alabama fan out there, but I also happen to be one of the most rational sports fans as well.  Richardson has been great for the Crimson Tide, rushing for 1583 yards and 20 TD’s.  He’s been Alabama’s only offensive weapon, which has caused opposing defenses to key in on him.  Yet he’s still gotten the job done.  However, lots of Alabama fans (and SEC homers) like to bring up the “strength” of the mighty SEC.  I believe I have mentioned this once on this blog before, but I support ONE team, not the whole damn conference.  I’d rather eat dirt than cheer on a rival team.  In reality, Alabama’s schedule has been soft, with it’s only real competition being LSU.  Yes they’ve beaten who they’re supposed to beat (and in convincing fashion too), but Ball’s competition has been just as equal as Bama’s.  Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi State are all top 50 in points against, but they’re not that great.  On a side note, I’ll be writing a moar in-depth look at the National Championship Game, and why I think Bama does NOT deserve to be there (yes you heard me right…this coming from a Bama fan).
  4. Tyrann Mathieu, DB LSU: The “Honey Badger” has definitely made his mark on college football this year with his numerous game changing plays.  However, if Ndamukong  Suh or especially Hugh Green couldn’t win the award, then Mathieu doesn’t deserve to win it either.  Perhaps if he made a few moar game changing plays like Charles Woodson did in 1997 for Michigan then maybe I’d be singing a different tune.  Oh well, at least he got recognized as a finalist right?
  5. Andrew Luck QB Stanford University:  This is going to get a lot of Stanford fans fuming.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Andrew Luck is the most pro-ready quarterback in college football (although Matt Barkley from USC has certainly made a nice case).  However, from an objective point of view, any person can see that Luck does not deserve to win the Heisman this year or place higher than any of the other finalists.  His stats are down from last year, and he’s been moar a product of media hype than anything else.  If Richardson’s competition was soft, Luck’s was even softer.
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