Mecha Monday: MechWarrior Online and AirMech

Hey guys, here’s a quick edition of “Mecha Monday.”  There are two games that have caught my eye in recent weeks that revolve around mechs.  The first is MechWarrior Online, a free-to-play game set for PC release in the second half of 2012.  There needs to be a good mecha MMO, and I’m definitely excited for this title.  The level of customization Piranha Games has revealed has me jumping for joy.  Head over to their website for moar info.

The second game I wanted to mention is AirMech, a spiritual recreation of the Sega Genesis title Herzog Zwei.  It’s being developed by Carbon Games, a group of 10 people who broke off from Titan Studios. For moar info about the game, check out IGN’s preview article or (of course) the official website.  AirMech comes out sometime in the beginning of 2012 for PC, Xbox Live and PSN.


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