Judge’s Picks for the Ani Bloggers Choice Anime Awards

Hey guys, Judge here doing a quick list for kiddtic’s ACAA.  Some of the other writers have already compiled their lists (which you can find here), but I wanted to do a slightly moar in-depth look at my picks.

I should not a few things:

1) I struggled with the idea of including shows that were still running, but I ultimately chose to include them since after looking at everything else I watched, my list would have been shit and

2) I decided to use how entertaining a show was as the ultimate criteria for ranking; if you want my list of “greatest” shows then you’ll just have to wait until I decide to compile one.  Even then, that list is short and few, as I feel very few shows deserve super status.  I should write about this moar, but in a nutshell, I judge everything in the context of it’s genre or target audience.  A show can be entertaining, but not great.  And just because I “rank” a comedy-harem over a moar dramatic title, doesn’t make it “better.”  Read statement about ranking based on entertainment.  So let’s get started!

12. Infinite Stratos

I wanted to get IS on this list somewhere.  Turns out from the 12 I chose, it happened to be my least favorite one, mainly due to a dumbass protagonist.  Otherwise, I love harems, I love mechs (even though I consider this show moar along the lines of Strike Witches), and I love Charlotte.  

11. Mirai Nikki

Oh boy.  You know I had a hard time judging where to put this show on my list.  It’s entertaining, but I was definitely entertained moar by some of the other shows on this list.  The plot is original and fantastic as stated in my fall impressions.  If I had a future diary cell phone, I would want mine to tell if someone was being honest or not.  Plain?  A little, but I value honesty among anything else.  Also, I would want it to control giant robots…

10. Mashiro-Iro Symphony

This pick wowed you right?  I ultimately decided to place this above Mirai Nikki because in the end, when I asked myself what show I was looking moar forward to each week, 8/10 I would say Mashiro.  It’s an atypical harem anime in that they protagonist is not a dumb meatbag, he actually PICKS a girl, and that girl is not the first one introduced in the series.  Sorry for the spoilers.  I enjoy a sweet love story from time to time, as evident by a pick further up on the list…

9. Ben-to

I love Ben-to.  I get a kick out of every episode.  The protagonist isn’t a loser, but he’s a walking misunderstanding.  The rest of the characters are rich and diverse as well; <3 Ice Queen but definitely no love for Shiraume. Characters like her and Yozora can jump off a bridge for all I care. The combination of good characters, good comedy, and fight scenes over bento boxes makes this show a winner.

8. Working’!!

Katanashi-kun! Ahh Popura.  Just one of many reasons Working’!! is such a hit for me.  The cast is A+.  I gave the nod to Working’!! over Ben-to because of the larger moar likeable cast.  Having a larger moar likeable cast negated the terribleness of certain characters (*cough*Aoi Yamada*cough*).   If you read my impressions, I didn’t enjoy Working!! as much because it became Inami centric and moved away from the constant gags.  Well that’s no longer a problem as the entire cast is involved in constant LOL moments.

7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Another possible shocker.  I don’t value Madoka that highly as others.  In fact, I think it’s vastly overrated.  That’s not to say it’s bad, seeing as it did make it on my list; however, certain shows fall victim to hype (that means you Code Gayass), and there’s no going back when that happens.  I just didn’t see why people were foaming at the mouth for this show.  Madoka made my list of useless pink-haired characters, time loops are cliche, and the “great” ending left me feeling unsatisfied.  But it’s number 7 on my list, so there are some positives; as I said this is not a bad show, just an overrated one.  Madoka aside, the other cast members were all equally diverse.  My poor Mami didn’t get as much screen time as I wanted but that’s just how the cookie crumbles.  The whole take on Mahou Shoujo was original and mature.  And many of the themes and messages were thought provoking.

6. Mawaru Penguindrum

I honestly couldn’t figure out where to place Mawaru (ok it definitely wasn’t last).  Like my girlfriend Pluffei, I don’t really know how I feel about this show.  I kind of just stuck it in the last spot that was available, which was #6.  It’s very entertaining, but I’m beginning to tire of the constant plot twists.  Certain characters I feel didn’t get the resolution they deserved.  And I still have no idea how this is going to end.  Regardless of the crazy rollercoaster ride, I go back to what I grade any show by: its entertainment value.

5. Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san

I don’t think this show gets enough love.  In fact, I don’t think many people watched it at all.  Azazel-san consists of 13 fifteen minute episodes.  It’s a vulgar comedy through and through, and I don’t mean fanservice.  The wonkiness, absurdity, and vulgarity had me dying from laughter at times.  Not to mention, Mo-san rocks.

4. Fate/Zero

Ah Fate/Zero.  You knew this would make it on the list, didn’t you?  I’m a Type-Moon fan no doubt, having bought the ridiculously overpriced (and upscaled) Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray set.  Fate/Zero is everything I wished the Fate/Stay Night anime was: exciting.  I mentioned it in my impressions, but the cast is just flat out better.  Better cast = usually better show and plot progression.  Rider is the man! Oh, go check out our on-going Fate/Guo series, featuring our mascot and several of our real life friends (and enemies…well mainly my enemies XD).

3. Kimi ni Todoke S2

Ta-da! A shoujo anime makes my top 3!  I won’t lie; I absolutely fell in love with Kimi ni Todoke.  Rarely do I get to see a dramatic and well-written love story play out.  I don’t dislike ANY of the characters; that alone says something.  If I had a waifu, Sawako would be in strong consideration for the spot.  It’s sweet, endearing, heart-breaking, and awesome all at the same time.

2. Tiger and Bunny

See my review here.  But if you want a summary, T&B was a joy ride.  Think of it as riding a Ferrari going 100 mph (but without the crashing): it’s exhilarating and gets the adrenaline pumping.  Kotetsu for prez.

1. Moshidora

WTF? Yup.  Moshidora is my #1 pick.  You see, I have a LOT of interests, which is partly why I founded this site.  One of those interests is sports (you may see sports articles pop up here once in a while…don’t like them, then don’t read them).  Whatever you may think of sports, they still classify as a form of entertainment.  So what happens when a good sports anime rolls around?  Also, a sports anime with an extremely original take (incorporating economic ideas of management to a baseball team)?  You got yourself a winner.  Luckily for me, Moshidora aired 10 straight days (episode per day), so I got my fix.  I then proceeded to rewatch it…twice since its original airing.  I’ve been meaning to write about sports anime for a while; I’ve seen some other bloggers write about it, and this list might get me to do it soon.

LICENSOR: Section 23/Sentai Filmworks

I gotta give love to the people who gave me Angel Beats! (<3 Kanade and T.K. is awesome) and one of my guilty pleasures, Highschool of the Dead (<3 Saeko…check out my review here).






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  1. Nice list, and thanks for the pingback!

    I've seen half of the shows on your list. Nice to see Kimi ni Todoke getting some love ^_^

    I was almost gonna pick Sentai for their BD release of Angel Beats!, but in the end, I decided that Aniplex had a better set for OreImo because of all the extra goodies they included XD

  2. I'm happy to say that I've only watched 4 of the shows! (there's so much to watch…). Also, thanks for the pingback~

    Just a curious question as I couldn't stop thinking about it. This list was about entertainment, but you will do one later about the "greatest" shows. What's the difference? :O

    • I figured some people would ask about this. I judge (pun intended) shows pretty rigorously. I try to do my best looking at them from an objective point of view. Something can be entertaining, but looking back not great at all. What is my definition of entertaining? Anything that can hold my interest and want me to continue watching (and possibly re-watch).

      I would say from this list, only the top 3 or 4 I would even CONSIDER "great" and put on my all-time "greatest" lists which is small (30 ish shows from the hundreds I've seen). So yes, I would not consider Mirai Nikki (if it continues along the manga's path then definitely no), Madoka, or Mawaru on my all-time greats.

      I am not very fond of constant plot twists or time travel. They're overdone and not original. Remember, this is all just my opinion. People are certainly entitled to their own. Even among my all-time "greats" there are shows with flaws; nothing is perfect. Another reason I hate doing an "all-time great list" is because I have difficulty placing one type of genre over another. Perhaps outside of my top 5, it gets kinda foggy. Every show must be judged in context; in other words, it must be judged within its genre or what type of audience the show appeals to. It's extremely hard to rationally explain why a comedy is better than a drama or vice versa. So when I tell people my likes, I refrain from saying "it's one of the greatest shows" (unless it's one of my 30 ish). For most, I'd rather say it's "entertaining," "good," or "worth a watch."

      Let's use some examples now. Code Geass is considered a "great" show. I completely disagree. It's a very entertaining show. There's lots of "bright lights" and "flashy" things. What do I mean by this? There are elements of the show that distract and hinder people from taking a look at in its entirety. The battles are well done, Lelouch's antics are over the top and eye catching, and there's a lot "excellent" dialogue. In reality, Lelouch, in all his "genius" does some pretty fucking stupid things. Character development is awful (especially in season 2). Pacing is terrible (why so many school scenes?). There are moar plot holes than swiss cheese. And there are hundreds of little story lines running besides the main one that clutter everything up. This is why I don't consider it great. But it IS entertaining for all that "flashy" and "cool" stuff going on. I have re-watched it a few times. It's something to pass the time and just enjoy. But all-time great? Hardly.

      Now let me use a real world example. Bear with me a bit because I'm going to use sports. In sports, the majority of people would rather see a high scoring football game then a low scoring one. Same with baseball. People love seeing a hundred home runs a game. In basketball, people love seeing high flying dunks. Why? All these things are entertaining. They're "flashy" and exciting. However, that doesn't make these types of games great. I like home runs and dunks of course. But I also like to see some defense as well. People find baseball games with scores of 3-2 boring. I don't at all. I love seeing pitchers dominate and the batters having to use all it takes to score a run. Watching batters exploit the pitcher's one or two mistakes is fun. It's a perfect balance. Most people are not enamored by that. They always want the "flashy" fireworks show. Also, sports fans have the propensity to anoint a particular player or a particular game an all-time great or classic too quickly. There's a great basketball player named Blake Griffin. He's a high flying dunk master. People say after 1 year, he's one of the best players in the NBA. Wrong. He's good, but not great. He'll get there one day. There are parts of his game that are way underdeveloped. Also, Game 5 of this year's World Series. The last few innings were definitely exciting. After its conclusion, people were saying it was a classic. WTF? There were so many mistakes and idiotic plays that had my head spinning. Sloppy baseball. So it was entertaining, but definitely not great.

      I could go into moar details about other examples, but I think I got the point across.

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  4. I think you and I shall be great friends.

    That being said, I agree, Kotetsu should be president. And you and all the others might convince me to watch Kimi ni Todoke. Probably

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