Mecha Monday: Real Life Zoids!

The title says it all.  Students from the Chiba Institute of Technology were showing off some Zoid robots at the Kotobukiya booth this past summer.  The Zoids they built were the “Molga” and “Death Stinger.”






Speaking of Zoids, I loved New Century Zero; I’ll have to do a review of it one of these days. It has one of the coolest soundtracks I can remember. “Liger, STRIKE LAZER CLAW!!!”

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Just a simple man, trying to find his way in the universe. Image hosted by


  1. You have no idea how much these videos kind of made my day; as kids my brother and I built Gundam models like crazy. When ZOIDS came out, though, I did an entire series shift for a bit that is only expressed by my army of Command Wolves, my Koning Wolf, and my Liger Zero. Yeah I was a bit obsessed (Doesn't hurt that the Philippines has affordable Zoid models in like, all sorts of colors – I had to have Irving's custom black, a Republic white, and a few blue ACs…)

    xDDDD SO YEAH! Seeing a real life Molga is just — AWWWW, damn they're adorable

    Also yeah, New Century Zero had a rather nice soundtrack, would love to see a review of it! And possibly one of Chaotic Century :3 *Hinthintallyouanimereviewertypes*

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  3. How would I go about one of these….. I want to creat real zoids

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