Pokemon in the Sengoku Era!?

So I was browsing the web yesterday (instead of studying for finals), and I noticed a peculiar little trailer for an upcoming game.  What is this game you speak of Judge?  It’s called Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition.  Check out the trailer below.  All I can say is…TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME.

The pairings are amazing.  Nobunaga + Zekrom?  That’s a badass duo.

Can you imagine this guy, who drinks out of skulls, with…

…this Pokemon? OP dude.

From watching the rest of the trailer, it looks like Kenshin is actually portrayed in a moar manly manner (alliteration) and is paired with Mewtwo.  Oyakata-sama is paired with Groudon.  I can’t tell who the two other guys are (the one’s with Infernape and Articuno).  Oh well, we’ll find out eventually.  As for the gameplay,  it’s reminiscent of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem.  And the character you’ll be playing as (whose gender can be chosen I think) will be starting with an Eevee.  I can only hope this game is brought to America.  That would be EPIC.

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  1. xD You missed the Facebook spam about this but yeah – omg I REALLY REALLY want this to come to America!

    I think it's a nice direction for the Pokemon games to go in; and you've got to admit, as a ten year old kid, you were THINKING of some sort of Pokemon-knights, Pokemon-ninja, Pokemon-samurai crossover etc.

  2. Mitsuhide is paired with Articuno and Toyotomi has Infernape.

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