Merry Christmas!

Byakuren  Hijiri

Art by: のんべー

Hey all here’s a late Christmas post.  We here at Moar Powah! wish everyone a happy holidays!  Relax and be sure to watch plenty of sports, anime, and movies.  Also a great time to catch up on your back log of video games too 🙂

Sakuya Izayoi

Art by: うみょんげ

Artist Unknown

Art by: とびうお海鮮

Assassin from Fate/Zero

Art by: 御壬生狗狼@アサ子さん厨

Artist Unknown

Art by: すみれ

Art by: bandage

Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Art by: SOWKI

Art by: 

Artist Unknown

Art by: 三千歳みちる

Art by: DomotoLain

Art by: 赤兵尉SETH

Suzu from Suzukaze no Melt

Art by: Tenmaso and Whirlpool

Art by: アイミ

Art by: wakaba

A Call of Duty Christmas!

Artist Unknown

Alleyne from Queen’s Blade

Art by: mizunezumi

Art by: Kurashima Tomoyasu

Art by: Hashimoto Takayoshi

Art by: Nagi Ryou

Art by: MHK@メカマンニーア

Art by: K+

Cryska (<333) from Muv Luv

Art by: Miyata Sou

Art by: Katagiri Hinata

Miku and Soundwave!!

Art by: Rkp

Art by: 千野坂夏生

Art by: 23

 Artist Unknown

Art by: 田口ケンジ

Artist Unknown

Art by: 涙目

Art by: Misaki Kurehito

Art by: さこ(なまけ)

Art by: あめいすめる

Art by: 何某か。

Above art by: Tomose Shunsaku

Art by: 23

Art by: 克萊羊

Art by: 茶雲淬玖

Art by: ten

NSFW (Not Safe For Work):   Show

Byarlant Custom Christmas Version (so cool!)

Art by: スサガネ@30日P31b

Tamaki Christmas Version <333

Art by: Zekkyon


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