The Courtroom: No Winners in This Year’s BCS NCG

It's unfair, but it's what we're stuck with.

EDIT: CONGRATS TO BAMA! 21-0! Blowout and shutout! Still though, I have a hard time justifying Bama getting the outright title.  As happy as I am, it doesn’t feel right.  The moar I think about it, it’s only one game. They’re 1-1 against each other.  Regardless of the margin victory, LSU still went into Bama and won.  Fan in me: we’re the champs! Rational side of me: split the title.

Well in a few hours, the 2011 college football season will come to a close.  And guess what? The controversies surrounding the BCS will be stronger than ever.  Not that it would be much of a surprise.  Every year, the groans and moans for the BCS grow louder and louder.  It’s a flawed system that causes moar problems than it solves.  In this year’s “National Championship Game” (using quotations because there really is no outright national champion in my opinion), #1 LSU will take on #2 Alabama.  I’m an Alabama fan through and through, but I’m here to tell you that they don’t belong in the NCG.  

First off, let’s list all the reasons why Alabama should be playing in the title game.  They lost to #1 LSU at home by 3 in overtime.  At the time, Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Boise State were all undefeated.  All those teams had to do was take care of business and remain undefeated in order to have shot at the title game.  But one by one, they lost.  Stanford was blown out at home by Oregon (who in turn was blown out by LSU in the first game of the year), Oklahoma State lost to 26 point underdog Iowa State, and Boise State lost at home to TCU on a missed field goal.  They all had their chance and blew it.

However, those reasons alone don’t merit a trip to the NCG.  Even though in my heart of hearts I believe Bama is one of the 2 best teams in the country, it still doesn’t cut it.  Why?  For me, the biggest reason is that Oklahoma State was denied the chance.  In 2006, #1 Ohio State and #2 Michigan duked it out till the very end, with Ohio State prevailing.  The #3 team in the nation was Florida sitting with 1 loss.  However, at the very end of the season, the voters swapped Michigan and Florida.  The rest is history.  Florida blew out Ohio State, proving that they did deserve a CHANCE to play the undefeated Buckeyes.  Michigan was also blown away by USC.  So let me get this straight, voters decided for no rematch in 2006 even though most felt Ohio State and Michigan were the two best teams in the nation, yet in 2011 the voters decide for a rematch?  That’s ludicrous.  Imagine if Ohio State and Michigan were granted a rematch.  Florida would have never got its chance and the string of 6 “national titles” by SEC teams would have never started.  Because Florida got its chance, I believe that heavily affected the minds of the media and showed the SEC was the premier conference.

Also, the BCS preaches that every game counts.  I’ve gone on record on this site saying that if Boise State lost once, they should be eliminated from title contention because of their weak schedule.  Even if they went undefeated, if other teams go undefeated they deserve the nod over the Broncos.  And if they’re undefeated and other teams are not, I still say give a shot to the other teams because of strength of schedule.  I’m not going to be inconsistent. Oklahoma State had a TOUGHER schedule than Bama. I’m not an SEC homer.  I root for one team and one team only.  Sure it’s great when the rest of the conference is good because it makes our wins look better.  But seriously, the SEC isn’t that great this year.  Quit trying to compare losses and see which one “looks better.”  They both lost and Bama had a shot.  It can be argued that Bama blew its chance more than Oklahoma State.  They were at HOME.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  Also, how does a team that doesn’t win its conference get to play in the title game?  While there’s no rule against it, there should be.  Doesn’t make sense.  LSU had to play one moar game than Alabama.  Sure they also played one moar game than Oklahoma State, but at least they won their conference.  Bama could have but (again) blew their shot.

Lastly, if Bama wins, there’s a chance of a split title (the AP would vote LSU champion). Each would have lost to one another, but LSU clearly had a moar impressive body of work.  Some AP voters have already said they would vote for LSU regardless of the outcome.  Who wants a split title?  Even though I believe whoever wins the BCS title should be the outright champion since it’s the only (terrible) system we have, I can understand why voters would vote otherwise.  The only way I don’t see a split title is if Bama blows out LSU by two scores.  Don’t see it happening.  Also, I would have loved to settle the argument of what’s better: a dominant offense or a dominant defense?  Clearly I’m a defense kind of guy, but it would have been great to see a “dynamic” offense get shut down (again) by a dominant D.  Now if Oklahoma State lost against Stanford (like they should have), then things would be a little clearer.  Not in the sense of avoiding a split title, but the fact that Alabama being in title game would be moar warranted.  Oklahoma State would have again lost and Stanford would have been trumpeting their cause (although a much much weaker one).  But since they won, they’ll be clamoring for a piece of the title.  Even though the title says otherwise, if LSU wins (and as much as it pains me to say it, I think they will), they’ll be the only real winners in this mess.  Sigh…the BCS just plain sucks.  Until next time people…

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  1. Thoraxe the Impailor

    This was a surprising article to come out of someone who spent the majority of their years in Alabama. First, I would like to address that the SEC was one of the only conferences to vote to implement a play off system into college football. Regardless of the playoff, the result would have likely been the same. Sure Mike Gundy doesn't believe so, but even if his team was able to put up a few points on the Bama D, their own defense would have their hands full trying to stop Trent Richardson.

    Second I'd like to address the comment "But seriously, the SEC isn’t that great this year." Really? Did you watch any SEC football? The SEC West alone is home not only to the number one and two teams in the COUNTRY but also has the likes of Arkansas in its ranks. I do believe that Arkansas was number three in the country when they went into their game with LSU. I'm pretty sure that's better than any other conference, let alone a division of a conference. LSU proved last night that they don't deserve a piece of the championship (as the voters have decided) with a pitiful display of offense and a lackluster display from the second best defense in the country.

    • This is an irrational comment, and it doesn't surprise me. It takes a lot of effort to remain level-headed and unbiased as possible. First off, your first point while true, is irrelevant to the current situation. The BCS is still in place, and that's all that matters. By that logic, everyone who did not vote for Obama should complain that he is our president even though the majority did. Bottom line: he's our president whether you like it or not. You do NOT know the outcome of a playoff. While odds would likely favor the two SEC teams to come out of it, you cannot for sure predict this. That's why you play the game. As the saying goes, "On any given Sunday (or Saturday)…"

      To your second comment, the SEC is weak. Please do not try to validate Arkansas in this convo. They should have blown out KSU but did not. The SEC has two powerhouses, one good not great, and a bunch of mediocre teams. LSU did not prove anything that last night other than that they had a very off night due in part to an excellent Bama D. By this logic, since the Buffalo Bills defeated the Patriots earlier in the year this makes them the better team right? Wrong. Also, it still doesn't change the fact that they beat Bama at their house. They're still 1-1. Without a playoff, we are forced to make speculations about teams. As it stands now, LSU is 1-1 with a moar impressive body of work. Split title. Please really try to think through on arguments, as you do nothing but present illogical fanboy banter.

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