SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #12

Yvonne Strahovski: “. . . a bloddy icon.”

Well, well, here we go again! New year, new focus, new outlook, same old Mass Effect nonsense!

It feels good to finally get back in the swing of things and it looks like this year will be even moar powah-ful than before! Unfortunately, with great powah comes great responsibility. School, life, family, and friends are back in full force and (at least until summer) SIYM postings may take a setback in substantiality. I plan to continue my contribution to the site to the best of my ability (Project Warpath included) but life can sure take ya for a spin if you’re not prepared.

Anyway, in acknowledgement of all the extremely talented and hardworking individuals that are enduring the longest days (and nights) to bring you what is hoped to be one of the greatest denouements in gaming history, I wanted to take this opportunity to spotlight a particular personality who is currently rocking my world forwards and backwards. Ladies and gentlemen . . . Yvonne Strahovski!

Aside from her extraordinary beauty, Yvonne Strahovski (an Australian actor) has been quite a force in pop culture. Over the past decade, Yvonne has landed a number of roles in T.V., gaming, cinema, to even modeling for SoBe’s skinsuit series. Oh yeah, check it here. Needless to say, her performance as the ice queen operative Miranda Lawson is not the only credit to her name. Before I start salivating all of her achievements as a cultural icon, I think it would better suit the relevance of this posting by focusing on her contribution to the matter at hand: Mass Effect!

Despite calling herself “not really a gamer,” Yvonne jumped right into the shoes (um, heels) of the all-business Cerberus agent Miranda Lawson and gave an exceptional performance alongside the likes of Seth Green, Jennifer Hale, and Martin Sheen. From beginning to end, her performance as Miranda was very well done and fit comfortably next to the other veteran voice actors. It was actually surprising to find out that Mass Effect was Yvonne’s first foray into the gaming world since her Miranda role was done so well. Yvonne’s involvement with Mass Effect 3 has long since been confirmed but the Miranda character has been all but revealed in any great detail. Many fans (including yours truly) can only wonder why almost nothing has been mentioned regarding the Miranda character; however, Mass Effect 3 promises to be the best in the series so I guess knowing that she’ll be making a return is more than enough. Other characters have been kept in secret as well, and I plan to talk more about that as we close in on launch day, but I’m dedicating this post to the lovely Yvonne Strahovski who seemingly came out of nowhere to be a part of an already incredible experience. To all the people who’ve made this franchise possible, thank you!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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