Food for Thought: Snubbing “Supernatural”, and Some Moar Korra News

Hey guys and welcome once again to another round of “Food for Thought”! Todays issue we’ll be taking a look at the power of fandom in regards to Supernatural and genre snubbing along with the most recent buzz that’s gotten Avatar: The Last Airbender fans excited for the weeks to come! So, without further ado, let’s uh, click the “read more” button! (Come on, I know you want to!)

If you hadn’t heard, due to the overwhelming support of Supernatural fans, this cult show won the People’s Choice Awards for  both best sci-fi and best drama. Oh wait, I know why you didn’t hear this amazing news: Because there was no live broadcast about the Supernatural cast and crew receiving their awards, sans this video made by the Winchester brothers, aka actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

I’ll concede that it makes sense why the “best sci-fi” award would be skipped; let’s face it, we sci-fi-television-show-fans are a niche group. But best drama? Considering the fact that the best television drama has been aired before points suspiciously towards the fact that Supernatural is still considered a “genre” show, something that brings in ratings and fans, yes, but won’t sell to the average American.

Check out these articles at Affairs Magazine and the Huffington Post for more information, but, if I am going to go with my gut feeling that Supernatural was cheated out of a minute in the spotlight for being what it is: a genre piece. Which is a shame for the cast and crew who put so much work into making a worthwhile series and who deserve their recognition especially since the peoplewanted it.

Supernatural aside, there’s some interesting news for any and all Avatar: The Last Airbender fans!

For those of you dying for any Korra information I’ve got some good news and bad news… The bad news is, despite our friends over at Twitter and their persistence, Nick still does not have a set release date. But never fear, they’ve no doubt heard the people, and thanks to one of my Korra correspondents, there is now an “official”-ish commercial that features some clips from Korra!

Interestingly the footage shown here is in what I would call “storyboard” phase since it’s not actually animation copy and pasted from the show, but rather a run-through of what to expect. Still, this little tidbit was enough to set my tumblr dash to overflow-of-Avatar-gifs so, the fandom is happy! For now anyway.

Avatar fans won’t have to wait long, however, for more new content to tide the mover until the elusive release date of Korra.  Set to release soon is a tie-in comic designed to fix up some loose ends from the first series, while also setting up some vital information on the upcoming series.  It is a collaborative effort with Avatar creators Michael Dante Dimartino and Bryan Konietzko partnered up with Gene Luen Yang, the award-winning author of “American Born Chinese“. I personally have remained spoiler-free of this series and only know that everyone’s hair seems to have grown longer and Aang and Katara are more saccharine sweet than ever before.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this. And either swoon or gag.

That aside, I’m looking forward to seeing the Gaang have one last hurrah, one last adventure before Korra’s release date. Darkhorse did a very nice (Albeit short) interview with creators Mike and Bryon earlier this week, and here are some of the highlights from this Q and MIKE: Bryan and I had hoped that people would connect with the characters and the stories the way we did, but you can never be sure how it will be received.  I’m grateful for all the fans who have come along on this journey with us.

BRYAN: We just made sure it was a show we believed in and would want to watch ourselves.  We weren’t trying to pander to a specific audience.  We’re just always trying to create stories and characters from an honest place.  Luckily, that quality seems to strike a chord with people of all ages, from many parts of the world.

MIKE: We figured out a lot of the big events that needed to occur in order for the events in “Legend of Korra” to make sense.  We wanted to have a more urban, technological setting and explore the theme of tradition vs. modernity.  And since the story takes place 70 years after the original series, we wanted to show how the world had changed over time.  This naturally led us to the setting of Republic City, a melting pot for all the world’s benders and non-benders, sort of what New York City was like in the 1920s and 30s.   The graphic novels do a great job of showing where the seeds of Republic City begin and will continue to explore Aang and Zuko’s part in creating it.

MIKE: We know the fans are dying to know what happened to Zuko’s mom, so hopefully we will have an answer for them in the near future.   And yes, we have ideas for the past and future of the Avatar world, but at this point it’s too early to talk about anything concrete.  The Avatar universe is vast and full of stories to be told!

Did you hear that? Information on Zuko’s mom finally — I mean. Yay! Everything! It’s always nice to hear creators giving a nod back to their fans, but I think Mike and Bryan have described rather eloquently the Avatar phenomenon and its profound affects on fans.  It certainly has created a rabid, and enthusiastic following despite its initial run as “Nickelodean’s quirky little animu copycat”; Avatar is much more than that, and when I have time I’ll ramble about its plot, its characters, its cinematic animation (Wait what) etc, etc…

You know a time-skip happened cause everyone's hair is longer including Aang's -- wait.

BUT ANYWAY — The official release date is January 25th, so head to your local comic store (Or tackle your unsuspecting Avatar-fan friend) and give “The Promise” a go!

And that’s all for this addition of Food for Thought!

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A would-be anthropologist, writer, food historian, and professional glutton hoping to combine fandom with her love of food. Ever wondered what a nug tasted like? Is butterbeer alcoholic? If you've asked such questions and are already drooling at the thought of a big old plate of lembas bread, then you're in the right place


  1. One – Supernatural needs some love from the American critic system – it's an amazing show, with real heart, and OMG A PLOT which is more than I can say for a lot of these shows. And OMG KORRA AND ZUKO'S MOM? YYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

    • I'm just surprised they didn't do anything for Supernatural :U Like I said, passing over sci-fi I can understand but drama? Uh nope 8U That was a little too obvious there

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