Mecha Monday: Gundam Week Conclusions, Moar Powah G Gundam

Hey Moar Powah! In case you haven’t noticed, we ran a little special the past week called “Gundam Week.”  We reviewed a lot of Gundam series, and while we didn’t cover them all, we still got many of the big ones out of the way.  We’ll eventually get the rest up in maybe a “Gundam Week Part 2,” as I definitely have things to say about Zeta Gundam, my favorite series, along with Victory Gundam and Char’s Counterattack.  Today’s post features the final designs of most of the Moar Powah! staff in G Gundam style.  Pluffei put up my design, Neo South Korea (second one in top row) last week.  I’ll be giving a little info about each Gundam and why we chose the designs.  I’ll be starting on the top row and move left to right.  And before you ask or get offended, we were trying to make them as stereotypical as possible.

Neo North Korea: Nuclear Grease Gundam

Pilot: Jack Guo

Reason for Design: North Korea is really known for two things: nuclear bombs and mighty Kim Jong-il

Armaments: Two nuclear generators on it’s back supply endless energy. Various vents across the Gundam secrete a grease like nuclear substance which has acidic like properties when shot on targets.

Specialty Technique: Greasy Finger!

Neo South Korea: Zealot Gundam

Pilot: Judge

Reason for Design: Koreans love Starcraft

Armaments: Armor contains plasma shields.  Energy blade on each arm.  Extra thrusters in legs allows for a “Charge” attack.

Specialty Technique: Shout “My Life for Aiur!” which enables rage mode

Neo China: Lotus Gundam

Pilot: Pluffei

Reason for Design: I don’t really know, you’ll have to ask the artist XD

Armaments: Shield bits in the skirt, sword

Specialty Technique: Petal Dance (shield bits are the “petals” and surround enemy, basically like Rose Hurricane)

Neo Germany: Magneto Gundam

Pilot: Silverwolf

Reason for Design: Silverwolf is German and a comic book lover. Erik Lensherr (aka Magneto) is from Germany.  And they’re both Jewish!

Armaments: Several specially magnetized pellets stored in the back of the Gundam; can be used as projectiles and can be manipulated to create different items

Specialty Technique: N/A

Neo Italy: Ezio Gundam

Pilot: Laevatein

Reason for Design: First famous Italian that came to mind? Ezio Auditore

Armaments: Everything that an assassin has

Specialty Technique: N/A

Neo Puerto Rico: Clemente Gundam

Pilot: SIYM

Reason for Design: SIYM hails from Puerto Rico, and Puerto Rico has some awesome baseball players, namely Roberto Clemente

Armaments: Gundanium baseball bat

Specialty Technique: 3000 Hits

Neo Hong Kong: Auyeung Gundam

Pilot: inverseman

Reason for Design: inverseman really isn’t from Hong Kong, but he’s Chinese and we needed a Hong Kong Gundam

Armaments: Two swords shaped as chopsticks that can be combined to form a dual bladed weapon

Specialty Technique: Eccentricity…don’t ask

Neo Spain: Flamenco Gundam

Pilot: starshine5050

Reason for Design: Spain is known for Flamenco dancing

Armaments: Bladed fans

Specialty Technique: Flamenco Fury (rapid but controlled movement enabling for quick fan strikes)

Neo Philippians: Pacquiao Gundam

Pilot: fenrir

Reason for Design: Most famous Filipino person? Manny Pacquiao

Armaments: Boxing gloves like Gundam Maxter

Specialty Technique: Pacman Punch (think of Falcon Punch)

Neo Bangladesh: Bengal Gundam

Pilot: Kaushik

Reason for Design: Bengal Tigers are from Bangladesh

Armaments: Claws on hands, can transform into a tiger mode (not shown)

Specialty Technique: N/A

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