SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #13 (Rant Included!)

As preluded in the last SIYM Presents, you can expect nothing but moar Mass Effect from yours truly. With the launch of Mass Effect 3 getting nearer and nearer, there’s literally nothing else on my mind right now. Well, not exactly. There is the fourth Mass Effect novel “Deception” that comes out on January 31. Not to mention the Mass Effect 3 demo releasing on February 14th. Yeah, I’m hopeless. At any rate, early this morning (as in 12:00 am) I turned on the television and found out that GTTV was covering some “brand-new, never-before-seen” footage of Mass Effect 3. Being the fanboy that I am, I was “glued” for the next 30 minutes. Interested? Check the video above for an inside look into what is being considered “the most anticipated game of 2012!” The footage is broken up into parts so just follow the “related videos” for moar.

*rant time!*

I don’t normally troll about video games. Partly because it’s pointless and contradicting to the whole idea of electronic entertainment. However, Bioware has been pissing me off lately. It was bad enough having to hear that Mass Effect 3 was going to be delayed a couple of months but I eventually got over that. We (the fans) knew it was better to wait for a polished product than one rushed to meet a deadline. But was it really? Everyone’s pretty much figured out that the delay was for no other reason than to implement multiplayer and (*sigh*) Kinect. I have seen the footage of Kinect in action and I believe that it really does work, but seriously, is this enough reason to stall a game’s release? Especially one that’s as acclaimed and “anticipated” as Mass Effect 3? For the record, I’m not sold on motion-tecnology. Not because it doesn’t work. It’s just repetitive. Unless we find a way to COMPLETELY implement our bodies into gaming then there’s only so much we can do to have fun with it. More importantly, we don’t come home from a long day at work to jump and flail in front of a television. We come home to plop on the couch and scream at noobs online. As for the multiplayer, I’ve seen enough footage to realize that it’s not that bad. Again, still not worth stalling a game as huge as Mass Effect 3 for. But yeah, co-op with friends is never a negative.

Aside from the game itself, the Mass Effect universe has been plagued with delays. The fourth Mass Effect novel “Deception” was slated for release late 2011. Only when we (the fans) finally got to December did they (the corporate) finally inform us that the novel got pushed to Jan 2012 . . . LATE Jan 2012. I thought I was losing my mind. How could this uber-succssful franchise be so unorganized with release dates? I know things don’t always go according to plan but you can’t just make promises and never keep them. It makes you look unreliable. And I hope everyone agrees with me when I say that NOBODY likes unreliable (I’m looking at you PAYDAY). To make matters worse, the demo got hit by this nonsense too! Mass Effect 3’s singleplayer/multiplayer demo was announced for a January 2012 release and we were told to “get excited for the new year!” That we did . . . while it lasted. It wasn’t until yesterday that I found out that the demo had been kicked to February! What the hell?!? Next thing we know Bioware is going to scrap the demo entirely and push the game back to summer. Oh well, as much as we’re being told that Mass Effect 3 will be worth the wait, we can only hope that it’s true. If not, I’ll just call up Harbinger and his army of Reaper drones, have them join forces with the Transformers, give them Bioware’s address, and watch the fireworks!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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