SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #14 (Project Warpath Update Included!)

In case you’re wondering, no, I don’t plan on every Friday until March 6th to be Mass Effect related; however, being a hardcore fan (as in, MULTIPLE 100% play-thrus of both 1 & 2) makes it difficult to deny the increasing proximity of Mass Effect 3’s inevitably successful launch. Still, I’m very much aware of how many other awesome games are out there and worthy of your time. For instance, I recently bought Arkham City and I’m having a great time with it. I considered having it on Project Warpath but (at this point) I’m content with the 4 that will be battling for #1 on my list. In case you need refreshing, the contestants are: Saints Row the Third, Modern Warfare 3, Mass Effect 3, and Bioshock Infinite. So far, Saints Row the Third is holding the top spot simply for its mastery of free-play and limitless opportunities to have fun. MW3 is a good game but has no place competing for the top spot of anyone’s list. As much as I play it, it’s nothing more than COD 4 on steroids. For Mass Effect and Bioshock, their biggest strength will/should be narrative immersion.

Essentially, a good story that sucks you right into the thick of things and makes you care about what’s happening is how Mass Effect and Bioshock can dominate the Warpath. In fact, our Moar Powah! chieftain Judge once said that gameplay comes before graphics. Couldn’t agree more. With that said, I think it’s possible to go further and say that even the best gameplay is useless without a strong, narrative backbone supporting the action. Storytelling is something that Mass Effect does incredibly well. Not simply telling a good story but allowing the player to be a part of how it unfolds. Anyhoo, Project Warpath will certainly be interesting in the coming months as Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock Infinite wrap things up. As for the above video, Bioware releases another reveal of the multiplayer feature that Mass Effect 3 is boasting along with its anticipated single-player campaign. With 4-player functionality and plenty of races to choose from, this “controversial” addition just looks better and better. 3/6/12 come soon!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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