Kamehameha: Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord Power!

“Kamehameha” is a series of post where we examine various action scenes from movies, anime, and cartoons, to name a few. It’s name comes from one of the most famous special moves in Dragon Ball Z. We chose a DBZ reference because it’s the definition of an action show…minus the drawn out stare down filler.

I’ve been on a Super Sentai/Power Ranger addiction lately; I’m currently watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (the most recent Super Sentai show), which is set to end February 19th.  And I just figured out that every season of Power Rangers is available for free streaming on Amazon if you have a Prime membership (which I do).  Since it’s the Year of the Dragon, I thought that this week’s “Kamehameha” should revolve around a dragon.  And since I’m on a Power Ranger binge, I thought I’d feature a Zord (sorry Dragonzord…you didn’t make the cut).


  • The Red Dragon Thunderzord has been my favorite Zord since I was a little kid.  No other Zord comes close.
  • Why is this?  I loved the fact that it could transform into a robot mode.
  • The robot mode wasn’t bulky.  It was very sleek.  Therefore, the movements didn’t look funny.  The way it is controlled (not shown in the American footage) is akin to the way Gundams are piloted in G Gundam.  In essence, it was just a larger Power Ranger.
  • It’s finishing move is badass.  Watching the zord twirl that bo staff with all the flower petals floating around was awesome.
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