SIYM Presents: Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item #15

Although I’m no fan of delays, it’s at least commendable of Bioware to be giving the fans little teasers like the one above. This time, a voice cast reveal highlighting some of Mass Effect’s key players and fan favorites. Unfortunately, Yvonne Strahovski is still nowhere to be found. I’m sure I’ll soon realize why her role is being kept so hush-hush (among others) but it sucks to consider the possibility that one of your favorite characters could end up being sidelined and existing only for support. Still, being the loyal fan that I am, I trust Casey Hudson and his team to do everyone justice in Mass Effect 3. Shepard couldn’t do it without ’em . . . well, maybe not ALL of them. Seriosuly, what else does Garrus do besides calibrations? And Kelly? She basically exists to make you feel better about yourself. Legion? It practically thinks at the speed of light. How long could it take to build a consensus? ^_^ I kid, I love them all.

Also, I’ve recently been reading the latest Mass Effect novel “Deception” and loving every minute of it. However, I found out today that some fans haven’t been too happy about it. Apparently, the book (understood to be canon) had some “over-sight” errors and fans suggest that it be corrected or simply taken as “alternate universe.” I haven’t finished the book so I’m not entirely sure where the inconsistencies are but I may put up a review in the near future once I finish it. Here’s the apology from Bioware. Cheers!

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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