SIYM Presents: Final Mass Effect 3 Pre-Launch Item

You heard it folks, this post will mark the end of the Mass Effect pre-launch items. Starting next week (also the week of the Mass Effect 3 demo!) SIYM Presents will return to normal posting. Substantial or not, I plan on bringing some more variety to you guys instead of just Mass Effect news. However, don’t think this will be the last time you hear from me about this epic franchise as we draw nearer to March 6th. In other news, I finished the Mass Effect novel “Deception” and it was definitely a good read. As for the “oversights,” I hardly noticed any. In fact, I actually had to do some research to figure out what the fans were upset about. Turns out that a location (Chora’s Den) that was closed off permanently had been accessed by a character. Oops! There was something else about a Volus not having a completely enclosed enviro-suit but, at that point, I just rolled my eyes at how much of an issue had been made over such trivial matters. Yeah, I’m passionate about Mass Effect too but the errors made were so minor that the fact that Bioware had to make a formal response to the uproar is just ridiculous.

Also, today is supposedly “Fem Shep Friday!” A day created to celebrate the default, kick-ass, red-head Spectre ready to unleash total girl-power on the entire Reaper fleet. The festivities also included a brand-new trailer featuring female Commander Shepard. While I have experimented with the female Shepard in the past (Biotic Renegade!) I don’t normally play with her. Despite my preference for John over Jane, this trailer also happens to include footage not seen in other trailers. Even new character appearances! Including Miranda!!! Well, for like a split second. But still, it’s awesome! Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed the pre-launch items for Mass Effect 3, expect to see a first impressions of the demo next Friday and I’ll catch ya later.

-Fifth Fleet Out-

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