LIFE Lessons: StarCraft 2 Patch 1.4.3 “Situation Report”

Hey guys, long time no see.  I’m finally back and ready to dish out some more “LIFE Lessons.”  So Blizzard recently came out with their “Situation Report” Patch 1.4.3, and what little goodies came with it Let’s take a look…if you haven’t seen it already.

1) MULEs now harvest the same amount of minerals on both high yield minerals and normal minerals.

Hmm, well basically they are free SCVs, right? But they mine faster…right? So yeah…GOOD JOB BLIZZARD! High yield mineral patches are no longer OP when playing against a Terran! YESSSSSSSS!

2) Snipe damage changed from 45 to 25 +25 Psionic

Hmm, what does Matt think about this? Well Matt can sum it up in two words: “FUCKING FINALLY.” It took Blizzard long enough to realize the Ghosts were clearly the best unit to use against TvP and TvZ match ups. Snipes literally turn all Zerg tier 3 units to a pile of blood and guts and sniping High Templar are quite frustrating as a Protoss player. FUCKING FINALLY.

3) Phoenix now has a range upgrade at the Fleet Beacon

Hmm…uhhh….errmm…4v4 Phoenix play now becomes MOAR fun? Yeah that’s about it. Other than that I’d have to actually see what it does in a 1v1 match up against a flock of Mutalisks. So we shall have a follow up post patch.

*To be honest, I’m neutral on this. Not sure how it will affect the game…honestly I think it will neutralize Mutalisk play versus Protoss but then again the Fleet Be[acon] is a long long ways plus the additional money for the upgrade…hmm we shall see.

4) APM / CPM changes

APM v CPM…finally Blizzard, bwwaaaa and I love to see how fast we can spam our keys (we judge how good you are on your APM, LOLOLOLOLOL). The EPM which stands for Effective Actions Per Minute will be the Blizzard way of tracking APM which only counts one keystroke as opposed to the twenty-bagillion times you spam the “e” key to make a probe. Well gents…and ladies…that’s all folks. Til next time.


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