The Courtroom Special feat. Hippiefreak of Anime Tree Part 2 of 3: Appreciating Culture

Last time, on Moar Powah Z! (part 1):

Judge: Unfortunately, [racism] will never go away.  People will hate each other for silly reasons till the end of time.  We’re imperfect creatures.  Anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot, plain and simple.  We’re never going to come to some ultimate understanding of one another *cough*Gundam 00*cough*

Hippiefreak: A sad fact but I agree with you.  But case in point: some people HAVE moved on.

Judge: Yes, which kinda leads into our next point.  We’ve touched on it a bit already, but regardless of race, I think it’s perfectly alright to appreciate others’ cultures. In fact, it shows peaceful coexistence.

Now for Part 2!

Hippiefreak: I agree, having peace throughout and good tolerance will bring a lot of good into this world.  America seems to have greatly accepted anime.  While there are some exceptions, the many conventions and dubbings are evidence of that.

Judge: Yes! Quick note: have you ever been to a convention before?

Hippiefreak: Yes, I have. I went to Anime Central in Illinois, and I plan on going this year as well.  The presence of light novels angered my partner Light as he still cannot read Japanese that well.

Judge: Hahaha. Anime cons are great. I’ve been to New York Anime Festival (now merged with Comic Con) three years in a row and Anime Boston two years in a row (going again this April).  Anyways, where were we? Oh yes, culture.  With Korean cutlure, K-dramas and K-pop have really infiltrated not only the U.S., but a lot of other countries as well.  People love that stuff.

SNSD or Girls' Generation

Hippiefreak: Ah yes. A prime example in my life is a Filipino friend and an Indian friend I have.  They cannot get enough of that stuff. It kinda gets annoying, but it makes me wonder: if Japanese people saw how much their media has impacted the west, would they get annoyed at how we make such a big deal about it?

Judge: Yeah that is true.  But they do have their own creepy otakus.  Bottom line: everything in moderation.  Weeaboos for example.  They take it overboard.

Hippiefreak:  Anime isn’t really the best example for an ordinary Japanese life.  Losers getting the hotties is probably too good to be true as well.  But this brings up something I have thought about.  My current schoolmates are completely oblivious to anime/manga.  I am both happy and disappointed by this fact.  Happy that there aren’t any weeaboos and sad that I don’t have more people that share my interests.  There are a few exceptions with Light being one of them.

Judge:  Hmmm that’s interesting.  In high school, no one I knew liked anime.  I wasn’t as big into it as I am now, but that’s because I have people to share my interest with.  Sharing culture is great as it promotes interest.  Hmmm anything else on this part? Otherwise, I think you’ve mentioned some aspect of part 3 a little: American perception of Asians…(STAY TUNED FOR PART 3!)

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