Objection! – Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow

Hey guys and welcome to a new column called “Objection!”  (Yes, it’s named after Phoenix Wright’s catchphrase.) If you’ve been keeping up with the site, I hinted at this column in a post at the beginning of the month.  These posts will pit two writers (and possibly guest writers) against one another in a friendly debate over a specific topic.  Enjoy!

Judge: Welcome to the first “Objection!” I’m with Silverwolf and we’ll be debating who’s the better marksmen: Hawkeye or Green Arrow. Of course I’m on the Hawkeye bandwagon.

Silverwolf: And I’ll be defending Green Arrow.

Judge: Cool deal. Let’s begin. I think the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Hawkeye is that he’s a master of not only the bow and arrow, but various different forms of combat. He even had a cameo as Ronin. Green Arrow ain’t got nothing on that.

Silverwolf: Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Towards the end of Judd Winick’s run on GA, the Emerald Archer went to an island to train because his shooting skills couldn’t cut it alone. He actually mastered swordsmanship well enough to take on Deathstroke himself. He even learned how to make traps, fight hand to hand, and even some cooking techniques. He’s quite a multi-talented guy.

Judge: While that may be true, did Green Arrow ever become a real superhero? Clint Barton became Goliath for a short period of time.

Silverwolf: If you mean gaining superpowers? Technically no. GA did wield a Green Lantern ring on at least one occasion, but those weren’t very prominent. Even if he doesn’t have superpowers, however, he’s taken down the likes of Hal Jordan wielding over 10 Green Lantern rings and, more recently, a creature called Midas whose touch melts any material.  But let’s put aside powers for a second and talk about their social lives. Green Arrow has a longtime awesome girlfriend in Black Canary, whose not only gorgeous but also really tough.  He also dated Sandra Hawke for a long time and even fathered a son with her who became GA’s partner in arms. Ollie also has a ton of close friends in the Justice League, especially Hal Jordan and Barry Allen (the Flash). I’d like to see if Hawkeye can hold a candle to any of that.

Judge: He did hook up with (and eventually marry) Mockingbird (then she died and then she was revived -__-).  Although that’s the only thing that i can think of off the top of my head. Mockingbird = Black Canary. Both are blonde and beautiful. Both are named after birds. I’d say that’s a scratch.

Mockingbird on the left as she appears in Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Black Canary on the right as she appears in Young Justice

Silverwolf: Hm…true I guess, but Hawkeye still isn’t nearly as popular with the guys. If I recall he can’t seem to get along with most of the Avengers.

Judge: He’s a lone wolf (although he recently became a teacher at the West Coast Avengers Academy). I like that in a character. He does respect Captain America though. He got training from Cap himself. Needless to say, I don’t think that really is a valid arguing point. It’s not a popularity contest among the dudes. It’s who’s cooler. I say we move on to something else.

Silverwolf: Point taken.  How about costumes?

Judge: Haha. Well I can’t really defend Hawkeye’s costume. That i give you. What I can defend is his Ronin costume. That was kickass.

Silverwolf: Yeah true. Meanwhile, GA’s older costume does pretty much just look like an anachronistic Robin Hood, but it still fit the character back in the day. As time went on, it evolved pretty well if you ask me into something that makes him look like a shadowy badass. His New 52 redesign looks pretty cool too.

Judge: Yeah it’s modern and nice. Hawkeye did receive a redesign recently. Last November I believe (in Avengers vol. 4 issue #19). He looks like the new 52 GA, sporting sunglasses and such.  Cullen Bunn, writer of Captain America & Hawkeye (issue #1 hits stores this April), stated the costume was influenced slightly by the movie design.

Hawkeye's redesigned costume

Silverwolf: Yeah, but I still feel like the Avengers movie design doesn’t really “sell” me on Hawkeye. He just comes off as a SHIELD agent with a bow.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers film

Judge: It’s fine by me. His attitude really does scream “agent” anyways. In Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he is a SHIELD agent as well.  Anyways let’s move on.  How about appearances in other media?  Hawkeye is going to appear in a movie. He’s also been in various shows from the old Iron Man to aforementioned Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Silverwolf: Hm…true, but Green Arrow was prominent in Justice League Unlimited back in the day. He also had a fairly big role on the last few seasons of Smallville and, because of that, he’s getting his own pilot which may become a full-fledged series if the CW picks it up. There was also talk of a Green Arrow movie some years back…but it got killed in the development stage. In this case Hawkeye does have an edge since I admit more people will watch the Avengers movie than will watch the GA TV show if he gets one.

Judge: Video games Hawkeye takes the cake as well. He was in this old arcade beat’em up (which later came to the SNES) called Captain America and the Avengers, and he’s in MvC3.

Silverwolf: Yeah, to my knowledge GA has never made a video game appearance except as a cameo in a few games like DC Universe Online, so Hawkeye wins there too.

Judge: I wanted to touch on equipment. We talked about costume. I do say GA has a lot moar trick arrows than Hawkeye. And he’s a rich dude as well.

Silverwolf: Yeah, GA’s got quite the arsenal.  His arrows have ranged from the classic boxing glove arrow to moar outlandish things like the positron arrow.  I’m not sure Hawkeye’s quiver can quite stack up to that.

Judge: I have to say though, Marvel seems to have a moar rich lore of fictional elements. I mean Hawkeye uses adamantium arrows, vibranium arrows, and Pym Particle arrows.  And he has a Sky-Cycle.

Silverwolf: Very true, though Green Arrow did use a diamond tipped arrow before (and eventually used the diamond to propose to Black Canary). But yeah, DC doesn’t have too many fantastical elements.  Moving on, how about the idea of impact? I know that Hawkeye has fought against villains, but Green Arrow also has a strong liberal agenda where he stands up for the weak. His stories have dealt with everything from drugs to AIDS and the stories are always handled in a very mature way the classic “MY WARD SPEEDY IS A JUNKIE?” cover comes to mind.

Judge: I don’t think Hawkeye has THAT big of an impact. He’s been moar of a side character in a lot of instances, taking a backseat to Cap America and such. GA strikes me as moar of that tier 1 type of hero.  GA was first introduced in the ’40s, Hawkeye not until the ’60s.  So age is in GA’s favor as well.

Silverwolf: I think that’s thanks to a string of strong writers he’s had over the years, like Kevin Smith, who’ve really breathed a lot of thought and life into his persona.  But I feel like Hawkeye might shoot up in popularity after the Avengers hits theaters.  Who knows? Maybe he’ll get his own series.  I do know that Marvel is releasing a new series called “Avengers Assemble” to coincide with the movie, and Hawkeye is at the forefront.

Judge: That’s true.  Well i’m not sure what other things to talk about.  Hawkeye did die and come back to life once.  That’s the only other thing I can think of haha.  His death occured during the House of M arc which led to a lot of Mutants losing their powers.  But Marvel always brings their guys back to life.

Silverwolf: Haha well, Green Arrow died as well.  He sacrificed himself to stop an Eco-Terrorist plane.  He wasn’t resurrected for a long time though…about a decade I think.  His resurrection story, called Quiver, actually made sense though and was very well done.  But yeah, NO heroes stay dead in ANY company’s property haha.  Marvel isn’t the only one to blame, DC’s brought back just about everyone…except Batman’s parents.

Judge: Hahaha.  Well, in my opinion, Hawkeye’s sacrifice was way moar epic.  But that’s enough debating for today, so let’s call it a wrap.

Silverwolf: Sure sounds good.  I think we’ve had a good chat and concluded that both characters are awesome in their own right.  But, of course, Green Arrow is still better 🙂

Judge:  Alright guys, that’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed the first edition of “Objection!”  See you next time!

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  1. I would say that the best would have to be Arsenal, who back then was GA’s sidekick Speedy, then went on his own became Arsenal, then joined JL an became Red Arrow, then back to Arsenal. hehehe, just wanted to add him in, but they are all good in their own way

  2. whats the new Avengers series you talked about? I tried to google it but I couldn't find anything on it?

  3. Just to let you know their is a game for the snes – Justice League Task Force – lets you play as green arrow, had the game when I was younger and always enjoyed playing with G.A…..actually still have the snes and game. So i'd say in video games it might be an even fight

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