LIFE Lessons: Thoughts on HOUSE Ending

So here we are on this lovely Tuesday, but you ask yourself what do I have in store for you. Well if you are blind or just didn’t even read the title I am going to talk about this lovely, epic last season of the show House and my thoughts on the previous 7 seasons of the show. So to sum it all up: what I thought about the show House. Let us begin.

First off, I just want to say the show was done better than most and because of this, the characters were great and well developed.  Over the seasons you began to go deeper and deeper into the lives of House’s infamous team and the different story archs they brought to the table. The first few seasons we saw with House were Foreman, Chase, and Cameron. Now to be honest, Cameron was hot, Chase was that Australian dude, and Foreman was the black guy that is exactly like House but denies it (more on this later). The next team House acquires is when everyone quits or gets fired by House. This new group consisted of Thirteen, Kutner, Foreman, Chase, and Taub. Unfortunately, they killed off Kutner because the actor (Kal Penn) went to go do something related to the White House…I mean President or House…HOUSE definitely. They should’ve just put him on leave in the show instead of killing him off because quite frankly he was a badass and probably my top 2 favorite characters of the series. Moving on, Foreman continues in this group to deny that he is like House. His peers and even House recognizes the similarities of the two. Moving on to House’s third and final team we see Drs Taub, Adams, and Park (with Foreman as dean of medicine). The current season has been great so far, well worth the long ass waits in between episodes and the cases and side stories are quite hilarious, funny, and even touching. So all in all for the cast and characters? Great effing job. I loved every bit of twist and turn in each of the characters lives (except for Kutner dying…I died a little inside).

Now we move on to House himself. Greg House aka Hugh Laurie aka the badass next to Chuck Norris. I mean how else do you describe this man. He plays a drug addict, psychopathic doctor (keep in mind he is English not American) that does whatever he wants and disobeys authority whenever he can. On top of all this the little pranks he does either with or on his best friend Wilson is quite hilarious. The way House is portrayed and the things he does, even the little nuances, were great and well thought out by the producers, writers, whoever helped bring this character alive. So we see the characters were great but what about the environment the actors and actresses performed on. The series is seem at Princeton Plainsboro Hospital (a big and might I add fancy hospital). The show was set here as well as various areas that House spends time in such as his cozy apartment, the psych ward he lives in for an episode, and even the weird places his patients live at. The setting was great. I bet you guys can tell how much I loved this series.

Setting done, characters done, House done, what else is there to do you ask? Well of course the infamous ending with  he “One bad hat Harry” line at the end (of course this was one of the production companies). Now all has been said what do I think about ending the series? Now it has been a long and great 8 years that the series has been running (first episode was November 16, 2004) and I must say that they have out done themselves with this series. They created a great and more importantly different medical series and I must say (with tears) they should end it if Hugh Laurie wants to. He makes the series and without him the series is lost. The idea of a series without House but with some of the characters of his team is in the air but quite frankly why would you make something without House who makes the series funny, intense, exciting, and just plain old jaw dropping in some parts of the show. I loved House and will always love House. It ranks among my top 5 shows I have ever seen and will always rank up there so this is to you Hugh Laurie, House, and everyone else involved in it. GREAT JOB. I can’t wait til the season resumes and will write a finale to this once the show is officially over so until then I hope this curbs your appetite because I am out! Cheers.


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