Kamehameha: Sleeping Dogs Trailer

“Kamehameha” is a series of post where we examine various action scenes from movies, anime, and cartoons, to name a few. It’s name comes from one of the most famous special moves in Dragon Ball Z. We chose a DBZ reference because it’s the definition of an action show…minus the drawn out stare down filler.

Hey guys, this week’s “Kamehameha” is a bit different.  I won’t be doing any “analysis” of the scene below, just giving some thoughts.  This is the trailer of Sleeping Dogs (and yes, the trailer is just a live action short, but it still doesn’t diminish the badassery of Wei).  Sleeping Dogs is actually the game formerly known True Crime: Hong Kong. Activision dropped the game because it didn’t think the game would sell well (this was exacerbated by the fact the budget for the game was growing bigger and bigger).  Square Enix then bought the rights to the game, which will be released this Summer.  Sleeping Dogs is an open world game set in Hong Kong.  The plot revolves around an undercover cop named Wei Shen, who is sent to infiltrate the Triads.  From everything I’ve seen and read (here and here too), the game looks promising.  Open world (Assassin’s Creed) + cop drama (The Departed) + sweet melee system (Batman: Arkham City) + slo-mo shooting (Max Payne) + insane vehicular combat (Just Cause 2) = win.

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