Tuesdays with Judge: Lots and Lots of Change…and Yeah, Happy Belated Birthday Moar Powah!

I haven’t written a single article all of March. Last time I wrote this column, I worried about lack of motivation. Now it’s even worse. Now my interest in the actual subject material is beginning to wane. Due to…lots and lots of change recently. My life is in a state of flux again. Not that I didn’t expect it; nonetheless, change is never easy. You know, I’ll probably be fine. I just need to write a few articles and “BLAM!” Everything will be back to normal. It’s spring break now, and I’ve just been enjoying myself and drinking a lot. Anyways…

For site news, nothing really new.  Our new column “Objection” is off to a good start. Hope you’re enjoying that. I really want to get our vlogs going again somehow. I have one ready with SIYM.  Recorded it a while ago, but keep forgetting about it. But it will definitely be up this Friday in honor of SIYM. In honor you say?  Here’s some moar news regarding change.  SIYM will be leaving the site.  This Friday, his last article will be going up.  And you guessed it, it’ll be a review on Mass Effect 3.  He’ll also say his goodbyes to all you readers. This news was especially shocking to me; SIYM has been one of my best friends since my childhood.  He’s been here for almost all of Moar Powah!’s existence, which is why I’m particularly saddened.  I can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication.  I wouldn’t have been able to keep this site going without him.  A machine is only as good as the sum of its parts.  SIYM was a key cog in the Moar Powah! machine, and it’ll be hard to replace him.

So yeah, there’s all this change happening.  And all this change caused me to forget that last Monday was Moar Powah!’s one year anniversary.  One year down, hopefully many moar to come. The future is always uncertain, but gotta keep chugging along.

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  1. We'll miss SIYM 🙁

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