Tuesdays with Judge: Analytics and the Aniblog Tourney

It’s that time again. Another “Tuesday with Judge.” As if you guys had anything better to do on a Tuesday right? Well, first things first: my presence. I’ve decided to take a moar backseat role on the site; in other words, I’m now your everyday webmaster/administrator (and editor), making sure things don’t fuck up. In my last “Tuesdays with Judge,” I mentioned my interest in the subject material was waning.  That’s still true, which is why I am taking a moar backseat role. Moar change and health problems (again).  However, I’m feeling pretty upbeat lately, so I’ll try to tack on a few moar posts to further expand my lead over silverwolf in post count.

Everybody loves analytics. At least I think.  I’ve always been a numbers type of guy; it’s the beauty of numbers that separates the true sports fans from the casuals. Knowing stats and dates of important events really proves your sports IQ. Anyways, back to analytics. In case you knuckleheads forgot (or didn’t care), Moar Powah’s 1 year anniversary was last month, March 5th (but posted later, because I felt like it).   I didn’t install Google Analytics, however, until April 1st, 2011. So here’s a nice little graph to show our growth over the past year.

Pretty cool. Since you can’t see the actual numbers, I’ll tell them to you. Consider yourself lucky 😉 

  • April 2011 – 1,370 visits
  • March 2012 – 16,547 visits
  • 87,966 visits
  • 76,089 unique visits
  • 138,933 pageviews
  • 105,213 unique pageviews
  • Top 20 search queries that led to Moar Powah:
  1. (not provided) – 2,609 (don’t know what the hell that means)
  2. robert bowling – 1,295 (lololol)
  3. gundam wing – 1,151 (why am I not surprised?)
  4. mass effect hentai – 1,129 (lol, lot of horny guys out there)
  5. moar powah – 886 (I would hope that our site’s name would lead to hits)
  6. touhou – 784
  7. saya no uta – 760 (lot of sick people out there)
  8. catwoman sex – 557 (looking for some pussy…cat?)
  9. the ring – 536
  10. superman – 463
  11. mass effect 3 hentai – 460 (look here Mass Effect fanboys, go look for your Tali porn elsewhere!)
  12. samus hentai – 364 (this is acceptable)
  13. highschool of the dead hentai – 355 (this is also acceptable…Saeko is my waifu…ewww, saying that makes me want to slit my wrists now)
  14. gundam – 339 (finally, something normal)
  15. lego batman 2 – 308 (really?)
  16. left 4 dead 2 zombies – 301
  17. the girl with the dragon tattoo 2009 vs 2011 – 268
  18. bomberman – 264 (some love for Bomberman…RIP)
  19. highschool of the dead – 256 (see 13)
  20. adventure time characters – 249 (what time is it? Please don’t answer that, I’m sick of hearing it after Anime Boston)
  • Top 20 pages:
  1. main page – 15,304
  2. /tag/left-4-dead-2/ – 4,146 (I should do moar L4D2 stuff…)
  3. /2012/01/08/gundam-week-gundam-wing/ – 3,174 (what is the deal with Wing? It’s not even that good)
  4. /2011/04/07/mass-effect-anime/ – 2,778
  5. /tag/robert-bowling/ – 2,775 (goddamn you Bowling)
  6. /2011/09/30/scandalous-scenes-in-the-new-52/ – 2,611 (hell, I was curious too when this was first announced)
  7. /2011/04/01/funny-mass-effect-2-conversation/ – 2,283 (this is pretty funny)
  8. /2011/09/02/the-ring/ – 1,947
  9. /2011/09/26/laevateins-readan-sessions-saya-no-uta/ – 1,845
  10. /2011/09/17/adventure-time-top-ten/ – 1,725
  11. /2011/12/04/legend-of-korra-leak/ – 1,705 (ok, Korra is cool)
  12. /2012/02/16/silverwolfs-den-superman-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-the-man-of-steel/ – 1,654 (ok silverwolf, now everyone knows about your mancrush XD)
  13. /2011/08/12/horror-hoedown-showdown-review-highschool-of-the-dead/ – 1,622 (very acceptable)
  14. /tag/mass-effect/page/2/ – 1,588 (lol)
  15. /tag/batman/ – 1,412 (if you don’t like the Dark Knight, something is wrong with you)
  16. /2011/11/16/analysis-is-it-just-me-or-are-all-pink-haired-anime-characters-useless/ – 1,399 (I’m surprised this got so many hits)
  17. /tag/catwoman/ – 1,358 (hey, she’s smexy)
  18. /tag/touhou/ – 1,336
  19. /2011/03/15/character-spotlight-charlotte-dunoa-and-char-aznable/ – 1,321 (excellent!)
  20. /2011/08/30/mass-effect-liara-tsoni-figure/ – 1,269 (haha wow, this figure caused a lot of controversy)

Ok that’s enough numbers. I think you get the point. Now moving on to the second part of this post, the 2012 Aniblog Tourney. What’s with all these tournaments lately? Well nothing like a friendly competition to get the juices flowing! A bunch of fellow bloggers (or friends; is it appropriate to call them friends?) are participating in this Aniblog Tourney. It’s exactly as the name suggests: a tournament pitting aniblogs against one another. People vote for who they want to win until a winner is crowned. It’s basically free publicity for your site, and most people leave constructive criticism (although Dark_Sage from Whiners.pro leaves some very unique criticism lol…but he got my vote when I read his humorous Astarotte character analysis).

There is, however, inevitable drama. Not surprising. The tourney has already experienced one such incident. It’s funny to watch these events unfold; the length some people are willing to go over a ultimately meaningless title is very funny. Enjoy yourself and have some fun. Don’t take things too seriously.  Especially on the internet. While the internet can be the source of some intellectually stimulating discussions, for the most part, it is not (although I must admit, the aniblogger community has some very intelligent people). You’ll never know what people are like behind their computer screens (some exceptions…I’m talking to you Justin). I discussed this briefly with my (friend) Ace Railgun. He even made a post about lying and over-exaggerating. Ephemeral Dreamer made a post about knowing when to stop internet drama.  Part of the reason I choose to leave my name and face in plain sight is to further tell people what I say really represents me. It helps to break a wall of internet ambiguity. Internet drama can be humorous (especially as a spectator), but it’s mostly a waste of time and just plain stupid.

Now for a quick story. Because everyone loves hearing internet drama stories. This incident happened when I was playing an MMO called Guild Wars. “Even better Judge, an MMO drama story!” Yup. In hindsight, it’s pretty funny. But it’s even moar sad and pathetic that I wasted so much time on this incident. Alright time to share the incident already. All names will be anonymous. I was part of a pretty big guild and alliance (in GW, an alliance is 10 guilds working together) with a very active and friendly community. I’m not gonna lie, this alliance was special. I just so happened to be an officer in the leader guild (an officer is like a right-hand man to the leader). And although I was one of eight officers, I was considered higher rank compared to the others because of my knowledge, skill, and helpfulness. This also made me a de facto leader in the alliance when my boss wasn’t around. Man was I well-respected. And powerful too.

Our story begins right before the summer of 2009. By this point, I had been in the guild for over a year. I had always considered the leader a good friend of mine, but I started to notice disturbing changes in his character and personality in the prior months. He had become paranoid; he had so much power, he was afraid of losing it. So what did he do? He started spying on and manipulating the other guilds in the alliance. He had me do some of his dirty work in fact. At the time, I did what I was told because I wanted to help; after all, his drastic personality change was a result of one of his officers going rogue and stealing a good portion of our members. But after a while, I started to question whether I was doing the right thing. I clammed up; I wanted to share my thoughts with some guild friends but couldn’t. Naturally, when I stopped talking to him and stopped participating within the alliance, he began to question me. But I would always turn him away. I just wanted some space to straighten out my thoughts. Soon, he began to get real fed up when I wouldn’t talk to him (see what I mean? Dude was paranoid). So what did he do? He kicked me out. Just like that. After all I had done for him.

There’s more to this story, but in a nutshell, a good friend of mine (still friends with him) who ran one of the other guilds in the alliance (which coincidentally was kicked out once before by my ex-boss for “stealing” members which we all know is a bunch of bullshit based on his paranoia) got fed up (again) with the alliance leader and left. We shortly thereafter staged a mini coup d’état and convinced some of the alliance members to join us. Moar shit happened, lot of mudslinging back and forth, and then…most people just stopped playing because the game sucked lol. See? What a waste of time. It wasn’t just stupid–it was fucking stupid. Since then, I don’t take what the internet has to offer serious 90% of the time.

Moral of the story? Just have fun anibloggers.


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  1. But it's hard to have fun with this tourney! It's serious business! I think 😀

    Man, that's lot of views. I'll get to that point…by believing in miracles!

    • Srs business man lol.

      A lot of views? Really? Thought it was pretty low for a year.

      And we gotta re-record that vlog! Sorry about that. I blame faulty software.

  2. (not provided) means they were logged into their Google account, you no longer can see these search result queries. Yes it's annoying as hell, that's where all the funny search terms come from =(

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