Flash Game Friday: Dinosaurs and Meteors

Hey readers, I thought I’d introduce a new column today. My job in the social gaming world has led me to finding some great flash games over the past months. I thought I would start doing small reviews for some of these games I have found. When people think of flash games (or social games), many dismiss them. However, there are some incredibly awesome ones out there that have taken a lot of work by their respective developer. It wouldn’t hurt to find some cool flash games to play over the next work week, would it?

Our first game is Dinosaurs and Meteors by Joel Esler. I first found this game on Newgrounds, and boy did it have me addicted for the rest of that work day. According to my co-workers, I was making so much noise with my mouse clicking that they thought I was going to start convulsing. I wouldn’t know, since I was too busy clicking meteors and listening to the awesome music (Mars – The Bringer of War by Gustav Holst).

The gameplay of D and M is simple enough: there are waves of meteors that you must destroy with your dinosaurs. Every wave brings bigger and moar meteors. The bigger they are, the harder it is, as they have to broken up into smaller and smaller pieces until they can be destroyed. Let’s make something clear: you have to protect your dinosaurs, not the planet. So how exactly do you get these dinosaurs? At the beginning of the game, you’ll start with two blue dinosaurs, which are your standard laser shooters. Between every round, you’ll get a random dinosaur or upgrade for one of your dinosaurs (although during later waves the rate which you get extra dinosaurs decreases). Red ones are snipers which destroy meteors in one hit, but their rate of fire is slow. Yellow ones shoot rockets which hit multiple meteors (and can push bigger ones), but their strength is not as high. Green ones can freeze time. Some upgrades include goggles for your blue dinosaurs which increases range and uggs for your green dinosaurs which increases the freeze ability’s length (or radius…can’t remember).

The challenge in D and M is the random factor; you never know what dinosaur or upgrade you’ll get in the early rounds. Your dino team makeup is critical for surviving multiple waves. For example, red ones become moar of a liability during late game due to the number of meteors falling at once; I’d much rather have yellow ones to hit multiple meteors and push bigger ones away. Placement, like any other defense game, is also crucial. You don’t want to be too spread out since you want a concentrated stream of fire. But you also don’t want to be too squished together, as one meteor could wipe out half your dino army.  Overall, D and M provides a few hours worth of mind numbing play. I can only hope that the creator will make a sequel and improve upon many aspects introduced in this short flash game.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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