Kamehameha: Dragon Ball Z Kinect

“Kamehameha” is a series of post where we examine various action scenes from movies, anime, and cartoons, to name a few. It’s name comes from one of the most famous special moves in Dragon Ball Z. We chose a DBZ reference because it’s the definition of an action show…minus the drawn out stare down filler.

Dragon Ball Z Kinect is coming this October. I know what you’re thinking: this edition of “Kamehameha” is actually about Dragon Ball Z.  Yup it sure is. And yes it’s old news, but I don’t give a shit.  There’s been a lot of criticism of this game, but quite frankly, I’m looking forward to it. I think it looks fun; really, I do. The worst that can happen is that you and some friends have some laughs over the ridiculous actions you’ll have to imitate….especially when drunk. Yup, I think I found my newest “game to play when drunk.” Sorry Wario Ware. My hope is that they release a limited edition version with a scouter, so I can see if my opponent’s power level is over 9000.

You can now become a real life Super Saiyan, just like this kid:

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  1. Game looks terrible at first glance but HOPEFULLY, I, along with a million others, could be proven wrong. However, after the failure that was Star Wars Kinect, I'm not holding my breath.

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