Flash Game Friday: Trigger Knight

Time for “Flash Game Friday!” Today, I’ll be taking a look at Trigger Knight, a neat anime styled flash game by Mintsphere.  Ever since it was first released on Kongregate last November, the game has received an enormous amount of praise.  It’s really a simple game, but it’s incredibly fun!

Trigger Knight is a survival running game with RPG elements. You play with only the mouse, as your character constantly runs and attacks. The only actions required of you are to click while in battle to use an item, or to buy an upgrade with gold as you run along. Gold is earned by defeating enemies. You have an HP bar, which decreases as you get hit (duh), and a lifespan bar (top right), which continually decreases as you run. If either reaches zero, it’s game over.

Part of what makes Trigger Knight so fun is the random factor. Right below the lifespan bar is the “next encounter” display. Due to the randomness of each encounter, you must be smart with your gold. You’ll never know when you’ll need to buy an elixir, which restores HP, or pay tribute at a shrine, which restores your lifespan.  The enemies get stronger as you go, so you can’t neglect your weapon or armor (which also restores HP to full if bought) upgrades.

However, this can cause some annoyances.  For example, you might desperately need an elixir only to not have it appear time and time again. Yet this caused me to come back for moar, as I wanted to break my high score. In the end, it is a very small complaint, and realistically speaking, I can’t see how it could have been done any other way without sacrificing what makes this game special.

If there is one thing I definitely would like to have seen is a reward for leveling up. After every run, your score adds to your experience bar.  There is no reward for leveling up. A stat boost or increased gold per kill would have been nice.  The great thing is that Mintsphere is working on a expansion game, and they are taking into account all the players’ suggestions. You can check for updates on this expansion (Project Trigger Extend, now called Trigger Princess) on their site.

Trigger Knight was definitely a fun, unique game which provided me a few good hours of entertainment. I loved the sprite art (and anime influence) and the awesome OST, Martyr’s Edge. I have big hopes for Trigger Princess, and so far, it looks great. Keep up the good work Mintsphere!

Rating: ★★★★½


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  1. Thanks a lot, Judge, now I'm addicted. 🙂

  2. Hey Nick!

    Thank you man. It’s 2016, and I used super vague terms trying to refind this game and your article was the light in the darkness.

    I searched the terms “Run knight flash female -superhero -speed -batman -arrow -marvel -dc” having to censor marvel superheroes and this was the first result on google images. I knew it was the game instantly. Just from what little I remember of the game, a flash female knight who runs, I found it all over again thanks to you and your word choice.

    You da man Nick.

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