Sanity’s Other Side: Pokemon’s Type Chart Explained and Black/White 2 Blowout

Is it possible to actually “go for the horn” in real life?

Howdy y’all, the Inverseman here with a little piece on Pokemon. A few nights ago some pals and I were talking about the Pokemon type charts. The type chart actually makes a lot of sense, even in the spots that always seem weird like fighting, psychic, and dark.


Bug, Ghost, and Dark against Psychic – These three types are common fears people have, so the idea is that they’ll terrify a psychic who needs to concentrate to hone powers and cast. More specifically:

Bug trumps psychic because bugs have a hive mind. They can still be struck by telekinesis and the like but having a hive lets them pierce through a mental assault when on the attack.

Ghosts exploit a psychic’s connection with the supernatural forces. Being a medium or seer never looked tougher.

Dark beats psychic because dark in Japan is known as the “bad” type. And supreme knowledge puts forth temptation to do evil moreso than just being able to chuck a few fireballs or do martial arts.



Normal and ghost never touch each other because normals have “nothing special”, they cannot sense the supernatural energies of the ghost and don’t have the training to keep up with fightings. Ghosts cannot be touched by attacks that don’t have an elemental charge, so normal and fighting can’t hit them either.

Dark takes out ghost due to the same pseudo-infernal energies.



Dark types are seen as an “evil” type. They use either evil energies like Dark Pulse and dirty tactics like biting and tossing a Sucker Punch. The key to beating a dark type is to not give into the power and circumvent the cheating tricks.

Dark gets beaten by fighting types. Yes, ladies and gents, the fabled “light” type is actually the fighting type. Fighting types pierce through and find out the dark type’s tricks.

Bug types have a hive mind that is too simple or too linked with the other minds of the hive to succumb to the dark type.


Other types

Dragon types are cold blooded so ice freezes them over. Dragons resist fire, water, lightning, and grass out of being a “mystical type” in RPGs that should resist the “typical types” like how fire/ice/thunder are typical in Final Fantasy

Rock types and ground types differ due to the compression. If a rock type is not all together, he can be ground to dust by a fighting type.

Similarly, water and ice differ by the internal body temperatures of the Pokemon. Ice types tolerate heat far less.

So why do I bring up Pokemon tonight? Well, Black and White 2 will have the ability to fight older gym leaders and elite four members, everyone from Brock, to Steven, and even Giovanni who has taken Team Rocket to across the sea to Unova. Game Freak is making BW2 essentially a fan’s blowout. Old allies will rejoin you and of course Cheren and Bianca are back as gym leader and professor respectively. Hopefully, Pokemon will keep throwing us these bones to entice longtime players while giving new players a piece of history.


Join me next time when I equip my pet swallow with “thunder armor”.

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The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.


The Inverseman is an evil overlord from an alternate dimension representing humanity's anti-existence who wound up becoming a modest civil servant.

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