Mecha Monday: Sai Mecha Earth Side, Round 1 Reactions

Hey guys, Lavaetein and I are going to give some short reactions to the results of Sai Mecha Earth Side, Round 1.  Let’s get started.

Gurren Lagann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) – 68.91% vs ARX-7 Arbalest (Full Metal Panic) – 31.09%

Lavaetein: I was hoping for Arbalest, but realistically, I knew Gurren Lagann would win. I’m rooting for Gurren Lagann in the later rounds, though

Judge: Yeah, not surprised at all. A mech powered by manly willpower won’t lose to one powered by a lambda driver.

Big O (Big O) – 59.35% vs GN-001 Gundam Exia (Gundam 00) – 40.64%

Lavaetein: Big O is the best, that’s all I have to say.  Exia was cool for being different, but Big O is like the Batman of mecha. Erm, the Batmobile of mecha.

Judge: Hahahaha. I was actually surprised the Big O won. I thought the newfags would vote in the Exia. Thank goodness for real mecha fans.

Lavaetein:  I was worried this would turn out like SaiMoe, where mostly recent stuff wins.  Good thing people remember shows from the past.

AV-98 Ingram (Patlabor) – 61.43% vs RahXephon (RahXephon) – 38.57%

Lavaetein: I forgot for a second that most people considered RahXephon an Evangelion clone. So I thought that would win, but I guess that’s a mistaken thought. Though I know for a fact that Patlabor has a pretty good fanbase. I actually want to get into it sometime or another, but that’s neither here nor there.

Judge: Hmm, when it comes to real robot vs. super robot, 9/10 times I will go with real robot. The Ingram has just a slick, cool design. And as you said, it has a good fanbase.

Takemikazuchi (Sora no Woto) – 28.51% vs MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (Zeta Gundam) – 71.49%

Lavaetein:  No contest. Though I will say I thought the Takemikazuchi was the Muv-Luv Alternative counterpart for some reason. Anyway, of course the Zeta won; it’s way too iconic.

Judge: Yeah, I can’t even believe that dumb spider thing made it in the tourney. Fucking moe bullshit. But real mecha fans ousted that sorry excuse for a mech. Gundam powered by dead people = win.

Shin Getter Robo (Shin Getter Robo) – 54.59% vs Zeorymer (Zeorymer of the Heavens) – 45.41%

Lavaetein: Hmm now as the article said, Zeorymer is only known through SRW. Meanwhile, we have Getter. I knew Shin Getter would win.

Judge: Well it was actually the closest match of the round. There seems to be a pre disposed hate for Getter. I can’t say I’m a Getter fan, but I’ve watched it. It’s not bad.

Lavaetein: I don’t even know why. Getter is pretty fucking crazy. Like literally.

Judge: Well Executive Otaku hates Getter for reasons beyond me. But I don’t really have much to say about this matchup. Moar like, I didn’t really care who won.

Nirvash Type 0 (Eureka 7) – 67.76% vs Dai Guard (Terestrial Defense Force Dai Guard) – 32.24%

Lavaetein: This was an interesting match up since both mechs are really unique. On one hand, you have a surfing mech. On the other hand, you have a mech controlled by bureaucracy. They’re both really interesting, though I thought Eureka 7 probably had more exposure. Hell, I never watched Dai Guard.

Judge: Haha, here is one of those cases where I will vote for the super robot due to my extreme hatred of Eureka 7. Although I knew the Nirvash would win, I stil voted for Dai Guard.

Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z) – 38.25% vs VF-25 Messiah (Macross Frontier) – 61.75%

Judge: This wasn’t that hard to predict.

Lavaetein: Yeah, I figured a lot of Macross fans were in this.  To be quite honest though, I can’t say I like the original Mazinger.

Judge: I voted Messiah, even though I didn’t particularly love Frontier. It’s still a classic mech design. Like you, I wasn’t in love with Mazinger Z.  I just chose what I liked better.

Mazinkaiser SKL (Mazinkaiser SKL) – 56.37% vs Delphine (Break Blade) – 43.63%

Lavaetein: I didn’t think Delphine would win. I mean, SKL is pretty fucking badass.

Judge: Yeah, I liked both. I went with Delphine in the end.

Lavaetein: Yeah, I did too since I watched Break Blade.

Judge: Like I said, 9/10 times, I will go with the real robot.

Sora no Woto (33.51%) vs Keroro Gunsou (26.49%) vs Hayate no Gotoku (20.54%) vs Haiyore! Nyaruko-san (19.46%)

Lavaetein: To be honest, I couldn’t care less about the bonus round. I just went with Nyaruko-san since that’s marginally related to Demonbane.

Judge: I voted Keroro Gunsou because they (frogs) build gunpla.


Thanks for checking out our reactions! Make sure you give ghostlightning’s post: “What Your Votes in Sai Mecha 2012 Round One Earth Side Say About You.”

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  1. Mazinger Z included the Shin Mazinger version that turned into a giant golden rocket punch; given that we already have two Valkyries in GARhalla and the superior Durandal on the Colony Side, this vexes me. You can have too much of a good thing, especially when the Messiah is arguably the worst Valk in the entire tournament.

    The Getter hate mainly comes from trolls and flamers constantly making fun of the whiny Getter fags (like myself) who championed it last year only for not one Getter to make it through the nominations. Ribbing on Getter Robo has since become a Sai-Mecha tradition, and many of the haters (like Schneider and DrSchmo) are open fans of the franchise. Ghostlightning totally hates it though for reasons which escape me.

    • Hey Matt, thanks for clarifying things. I don't hate Getter, but don't love it. Although I do have two awesome Revoltechs of Getter Go and Neo Getter. As for the Messiah, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing; you're definitely right. The Macross fans are strong in this one though.

    • Yeah, I actually infinitely prefer the YF-19, though the YF-21 is pretty great, too. I would've rather seen one of those two in.

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