LIFE Lessons: What Should We Do with Call of Duty Zombies (Black Ops 1+2, World at War)?

Hello, hello ladies and gents. I am back…yet again…and again? Ha just kidding…but for real…I really am back. Summer is here, finals are done, and I am chilling. So you’re thinking right now “I am reading an article to welcome back LIFE44? WTF!” NO YOU AREN’T! I am here to talk about something we all loved…or hated in the Call of Duty franchise (well for Treyarch at least) – zombies.

Now with the franchise coming out with another Call of Duty game produced by Treyarch (the proclaimed saviors of the franchise*) titled Black Ops 2 this November 13, 2012 we all have questions about the singleplayer, multiplayer, and what I think is the best part of Treyarch games – zombies.

So with the introduction done, let us begin. What do I think of Black Ops 2 Zombies from what we as a community have heard? I think it could be a huge failure. I loved the original World at War zombies because of the maps and the weapons…Black Ops Zombies seemed like they did too much for the game mode and from what we are hearing from this zombies I am not liking it. You are probably saying “rumored 8 player zombies? What you talkin’ bout fool, that’s awesome!” But if you are traditional guy like me (in terms of CoD zombies) then you don’t really want change for this game mode in CoD but more of a retake of the classical zombie maps, weapons, and feel for it.

I mean come on…gun glitching in Der Reise was awesome right? Gun glitching in the old maps made it thrilling. Not only gun glitching but the maps felt more…thought out and smoother. The maps had finesse and almost every part of the map could be used in some way as a strategy. In the second version of zombies, the maps seemed too big and the things they put in were too over the top and made the gameplay feel like you had some sort of timer or responsibility. I remember in the map Call of the Dead the game felt paced because of outside characteristics of the map (water, dude with the giant hammer, easter eggs becoming a huge part of the game). I want the original good old Der Reise feel of zombies and that is it.

From what I am seeing I want zombies – not multiplayer** – to be a more traditional style like World at War. Only time will tell what Treyarch actually does for the game mode but I have my doubts of it but also my hopes that the new additions (the little we know) will prove me wrong. Until then ladies and gents, I am out.

Cheers, Matt aka LIFE44

*I shall talk about this in another article.

**I’ll talk about this later as well ha.

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  1. Just to clarify, are you saying that the older maps (Der Reise, Verruckt, etc.) have more strategy than the newer ones (Kino der Toten, Moon, Ascension)? Because I simply don't see that.

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