Charlotte Dunois Figures Galore

Oh Charlotte Dunois, how I love you so! It’s a great time to be a Charlotte and figure fan. Why, you may ask? Well I was roaming AmiAmi this morning (as I do every morning), and something instantly caught my eye: a Charlotte Dunois bunny style figure (she’s nearly sold out in every store, and it hasn’t even been a whole day since she was made available!). I immediately jumped for joy as the figure is based on one of my favorite illustrations of Tomoyasu Kurashima, the character designer of Infinite Stratos. The said illustration is the one above. Here’s a picture of the figure itself, part of the 4-Leaves series by Kotobukiya:


Also of note is that her stockings are made of real fishnet, all four bunnies can be magnetically attached, and her necklace is removable. We have a real winner here. But this isn’t the only Charlotte figure on the block! Alter released an extremely cute Charlotte figure in her jersey back in April. And Alphamax will be releasing a Charlotte figure in her classic orange swimsuit this August. Both the Alter and Alphamax versions have two different hairstyles: her classic ponytail and her hair let down. Ahhh Charlotte <3 (this will be one of the rare times you’ll see me fanboy over something).

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  1. Been browsing through sites to see if I could buy some figures. This is written a while ago but my interest still stands. Charlotte looks amazing! It's been a damn long time, where the hell is Laura?
    Sorry for commenting on an old post but what's up Judge?

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