LIFE Lessons: StarCraft 2 Wings of Liberty Balance as of May 2012

Hello again. LIFE posted an article on his assigned day two weeks in a row? Crazyyyy. But anyways we are here to talk about StarCraft 2 ladies and gents. My fav game 😀

So what about StarCraft 2 you ask? BALANCE YO. Is the Wings of Liberty version of StarCraft 2 balanced as of right now (May 2012)? I say nay. Why? Because Terran is getting nerfed, Protoss is getting buffed to the max, and Zerg is…well in between buffed and nerfed. So let us begin.

Terran is getting nerfed to the max. About a year ago, Terran was the most dominant race because the Korean eSports team SlayerS created builds that allowed them to excel far beyond the other races. Blue-flamed hellions, 1-1-1 all-ins or what Husky StarCraft likes to call it the Destiny Cloud Fist build, bunker rushing, reaper rushes pre-patch for speed upgrade. Man the list goes on, ghost nerf of EMP and snipe. Man the list is sooo long. I mean as someone who know plays all three races at a Diamond level of play, I can honestly say that Terran is by far the weakest race now. Too many nerfs is killing the race and even BroodWar legend Flash is saying that Terran is the weakest race. Now let us move to Protoss, too much negativity here.

Protoss the past year has done nothing but get buffed. Upgrade buffs for one has done a huge amount of help to Toss players and adding to the nerfs of Terran then you got yourself and interesting matchup. Yes Terran is strongest in early to mid game play but if you can survive (which is very easy to because of forcefields) then Protoss late game will surely win. On top of all this, timing attacks with the Protoss race has become a HUGE play for many pro gamers and is basically 80% of the reason why Protoss players are winning in the GSL, MLG, and other big name tournaments out there. Not only are they the strongest race, they are the best race to play at the moment if build orders are taken into consideration. There may be not many of them but the ones that are out there are very deadly.

Now Zerg…what to say about Zerg except that it is currently the weakest race. Period. I mean what have they gotten in terms of buffs recently? Like overlord speed increase and queen ground attack range increase? That’s it I believe. When I said that Zerg is in between in the introduction I was saying that just to say it. Honestly, Zerg has not gotten a nerf in years and has only gotten buffs but none that are game changing that will give a sudden increase in winning on the pro circuits of the worlds.

Now all I have to say is that Zerg is the weakest race in terms of build orders (able to counter so easily if scouted), unit compositions (they are too reliant in the late game on gas and with Terran drops and Protoss warp prism harass coming into popular play now it negates the amount of bases a Zerg can accumulate for gas), and even shear power. Zergs in my opinion should never fight head on against another player unless they have the beefy tier 3 units. So my ultimate decision in this is that Zerg is waaaay unbalanced (MINUS INFESTORS…or BROFESTORS) and that Protoss and Terran need to be nerfed in a way that doesn’t diminish the game tremendously. How that can happen I do not know but I am sure Heart of Swarm has the answer for us in the new units coming out.

On a side note, maps that are used within pro play have a huge part in deciding who wins believe it or not. One map may be suited for a Terran player while the other gives Zerg a huge advantage. I always say nothing is ever perfect and that is true in gaming and even in the real world. Take this in ladies and gents and sound off in the comments if you would like to. I am Matt aka LIFE and I am signing out.

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