Mecha Monday: Sai Mecha Colony Side, Round 1 Reactions

Judge: Hey there ladies and gentleman, Laevatein and I here to give our reactions to Sai Mecha Colony Side, Round 1 just like we did for the Earth Side, Round 1. To get things kicked off, any initial thoughts about the pairings?

Laevatein: Well, it seems like most of my picks won.

Judge: There were definitely a lot of staple choices in this round. First up: Turn A vs. Tauburn (72.3% vs  27.7%). Pretty easy matchup for the Turn A.

Laevatein: Yeah, I fucking love the Turn A, so I voted for it. I’m kind of surprised, since it seems nobody likes the designs, but, well, it destroyed the Tauburn, and I can see why. I fear for the Turn A’s performance in the future.

Judge: Really? I don’t think it will have much trouble. It may look extremely goofy, but it’s a classic. Butterfly wings ftw. Second matchup: Kshatriya vs. Durandal (61.84% vs 38.16%) . I had a feeling Kshatriya would easily win.

Laevatein: Yeah, I thought Kshatriya would win. They’re both sort of dark horses of their respective series, but I gotta give the vote to the Gundam series. I’m sure people thought the same way, as well.

Judge: *Nods in agreement* Gundam ftw. Although I have to say, I’m not extremely fond of the Kshatriya design either. It’s bulky, but not in the good kind of way like The O. But anyways, good win. Third matchup, Scopedog vs. Escaflowne (47.18% vs 52.82%), closest match of the round.

Laevatein: Yeah, this was one I wasn’t sure about. I know for a fact that people love the fuck out of Votoms. However, I don’t know much about it, other than what I hear. I had to give it to Escaflowne for the nostalgia factor.

Judge: I have nothing else to add to what you just said.  Fourth matchup: Aquarion EVOL vs. Gao Gai Gar (25.74% vs 74.26%). Classic Newfag vs. Oldfag.

Laevatein: Yup, even so, I never doubted for a second that GGG would win. I love it, and I know I’m nowhere near alone.

Judge: NO DOUBT. I’m still surprised that EVOL made it in. It’s Gao Fucking Gai Gar for Christ’s sake.

Laevatein: I wished they used the Genesic version, but eh, the original’s still pretty great.

Judge: Yeah, well what can you do haha. Fifth matchup: Gunbuster vs. Unicorn Gundam (63.76% vs 36.24%). Unicorn was crushed, to no surprise. Another Oldfag vs. Newfag matchup.

Laevatein: Gunbuster practically introduced much of the genre’s tropes and stuff. No brainer. Though I gotta admit, I like the Unicorn quite a bit, too, but once again, Gunbuster got the vote for me.

Judge: I like the Banshee better haha. Anyways, moving on… sixth matchup: Tachikoma vs. GP-03 Dendrobium (38.73% vs 61.27%). Ok seriously. How the hell did spider bot even get nearly 40% of the vote?  That thing is so fucking useless.

Laevatein: I voted for it, sorry.

Judge: It is best served by being a cute toy.

Laevatein: Well, I had a feeling the Dendrobium would win, since it was a more serious thing. I mean, that thing’s packing some serious firepower. But I voted for the Tachikoma anyway.

Judge: The Dendrobium was cool before they decided to start packing a shit load of weapons into a smaller fram *cough*Strike Freedom*cough* Moving on… seventh matchup: Gouf Custom vs. Gurren Mk. II (65.33% vs 34.67%). Some people would argue that the “over-glorified blue Zaku” had no business winning. But any mech in which the biggest point is the female pilot’s ass does not deserve to win. End of story. And it’s Code Gayass.

Laevatein: Gouf Custom is kind of a classic. Just kind of. I’ve gotta admit though, the Gurren Mk. II was probably the best mech in Code Geass, only because everything else was either a piece of crap or very stupidly overpowered. I gave it to the Gouf Custom.

Judge: Roller skating mechs. Would like to see it face off against surf board mech Nirvash. Ok time for last matchup. Black Getter vs. Giant Robo (55.73% vs 44.27%).

Laevatein: I wasn’t sure about this one at all. I knew Getter was going to be a dark horse this year, so I went with that.

Judge: I have no strong opinion really. It was Oldfag vs. Oldfag, super robot vs. super robot. I neither like or dislike either one of them. Anyways, that’s it for the matchups. Did you do the bonus round? This one was funny.

Laevatein: Yeah uh, I went with the random option, but they were all decently amusing.

Judge: Nothing left but hamburger? LOL. I went with the generic, “Became one with super robot.”

Laevatein: Well, I kinda wished there was a “Fell into a Gundam” option.

Judge: Hahaha. And “the manual was conveniently located nearby.” Alright, that’s it. Stay tuned for our reactions to Earth Side, Round 2.


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