LIFE Lessons: What I Want in Pikmin 3

E3 2012. What do I have to say? NINTENDO SAVE US!!! … PIKMIN 3!!! I’ve waited like 8 years (since Pikmin 2 came out) for this game and it is finally coming out on the Wii U. What are my expectations and wants? Here they are.

New Pikmin man. I want some new pikmin to throw around. Pikmin 2 introduced us to 2 new species of pikmin with purple and white. I don’t want them to destroy the simplicity of pikmin, so I want them to create another pikmin that does this. Of course we can do a pikmin that could harvest things more efficiently, which would allow you to produce more pikmin out of the onion. Another idea could be something that could burrow…I mean they are plants right? IGN wrote an article that said they would love to see a green pikmin that could heal their fellow plantmen. Personally I think this would destroy the game because it removes the simplicity of the battle and health system. I want new things but nothing that destroys the gameplay of it. So yeah…no healers.

Talking more about the gameplay, Nintendo hit the nail on the head with the first two games with throwing the pikmin, using the C-controls to maneuver the pikmin and even splitting them up. What more can you ask for with the battle system except for perhaps new juices. Remember in Pikmin 2 you had a purple juice that made smaller enemies turn into a stone for a small portion of time, and the red juice that allowed the pikmin to be on fricken’ steroids. There could be an addition and perhaps that could be where “healing” your pikmin comes into play, restoring their flowers.

Moving on, I would like to see the graphics spiced up. I mean if the Wii U is what they say it is, I want these pikmin to pop out at me and give me a show. I mean this is the 21st century; we have “3D” for crying out loud. Nintendo get with the program! Along with the graphics, they could possibly spruce up the control scheme with the addition of the Wii U tablet controller. Possibly a 2 player campaign with the screen on this controller? I can’t wait to see what they have in store. Speaking more about the tablet screen, perhaps they can utilize some form of micro management of the pikmin similar to an RTS in single player (and boy do I love me some RTS aka Starcraft). While Olimar is off doing one thing, Louie can be doing another instead of having one of them be stationary.

Other than these things I just want them to have a solid storyline. Pikmin 2’s addition of the storyline brought it to life, giving players the freedom to do whatever they wanted with an unlimited number of days to do it. Pikmin 1 was flawed in that way, but it was the original. You have to start somewhere right? So without any other further ideas I just want to say watch Nintendo’s conference tomorrow morning because they will surely not let us down like that others did. Until next time, I am LIFE44, and I will see you guys later.

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