LIFE Lessons: CoD Multiplayer – Is It dead, on Life Support, or Is It Still Kicking?

Here we are on a Tuesday and what are we talking about? Call of Duty, yet again…I know I am kinda bored of it too but man oh man does it rule our lives sometimes. In this post I’ll attempt a dialogue with…myself.

Matt: So what are we talking about in terms of CoD today?


Matt: What about multiplayer, Matt?

Matt: Ah good question Matt…we are gonna discuss if it CoD multiplayer is dead or not.

Matt: Lovely topic Matt. Please go on.

Matt: Okay so here we go. Call of Duty has been coming out with a new game every single year since Call of Duty 4 came out. That Call of Duty revolutionized the whole entire multiplayer FPS scene with the ability of leveling up, prestiging, customizable classes (perks, guns, weapon attachments, etc). I mean they had everything short of customizing your own character. So what else is left for the franchise in terms of its multiplayer aspect you ask?

Well to be quite honest there isn’t really anything. They reshaped the game back in the CoD4 days and now they are just making the same old game over and over aside from the maps, a few new perks, and changing up the guns. That’s it. Honestly Activision needs to tell the peeps at Infinity Ward or Treyarch (hell tell both of them) to come up and rework the multiplayer aspect of this franchise. “New” addons are cool yeah but the community wants something more. Coming from a person who logged 30+ days since CoD4 on this franchise on MP alone is large bulk of time for one game.

Let’s see. What could they possibly do with this game. First off I suggest they rework the framework of the hitpoint system and come up with an accurate and fair damage system that goes hand in hand with the hitpoint system. In CoD games you have 100 health and each gun has a damage per bullet – some being 25 or some being 100. Just depends on the gun. They need to figure out how to balance this out.

Now another thing they should do is rework the guns they put into the game and research them. I mean if Assassin’s Creed developers go out and study and draw the cities they put into the game why can’t CoD devs jump onto Wikipedia and research a damn gun? COME ON…they should realize that a balanced game can’t be achieved through sales.

As well as guns, they need to balance the aspect of their melee system in terms of how much damage it does and how it works. Realistically does one have enough time to pull out a blade and knife someone in a firefight or would they use the butt of their gun to hit someone. I’d use the butt of my gun but w/e CoD. Make a separate knife and melee system for each.

One thing that I hated about the CoD games starting from MW2 were the perks. Take em out or COMPLETELY rework them. I can’t stress this enough that perks completely alter the game experience and effects balance MAJORLY. People overlook this especially when balance comes into play.

The last thing that really makes or breaks a FPS game for me is the maps. CoD4, 5 and even 6 had decent maps (7 had like 4 maps in total…) but the rest were garbage. Maps need to be one level preferably…two at most if need be but honestly these maps really need to be reworked.

So all in all is the CoD multiplayer experience dead? Yeah for now…we gotta see what Treyarch comes up with in their upcoming game Black Ops 2 but if this doesn’t cut it then they REALLY need to stop coming out with CoD games for a good 5 years…I mean hell that’d help sales…hype up a CoD game for 5 years…I mean hell I’d buy it. But girls and guys hope you enjoyed and once again I am LIFE aka Matt and I am signing out.

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