Muv Luv Artist Sou Miyata Fired

Sou Miyata, the artist known for his work on the visual novel Muv-Luv, was fired this past Sunday, June 10th. It’s a shame that he’ll now be known as a plagiarizer.

To promote the upcoming Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse (take a look at some figures here) summer anime, Miyata’s promotional art (above) appeared along with a magazine interview with the anime’s director. Online denizens were quick to notice very similar to other works. I was surprised to learn that this was not the first time Miyata was accused of and caught plagiarizing. However, this most recent example is particularly egregious. Take a look below.

I mean good God, that’s as bad as it can get! Muv-Luv developer âge had to apologize last fall over a live internet stream for one of Miyata’s tracings. But now, instead of an apology, he was promptly sacked. Ixtl, the company working with âge on the upcoming Muv-Luv anime, issued a statement announcing that Miyata will no longer have anything to do with the company. This is not a good week for Laevatein. First Nitroplus’s music producer is murdered and now his favorite visual novel’s artist is sacked. Moar of Miyata’s shameless tracings below.

[via: Kotaku and Sankaku Complex]

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  1. I think he only worked on TE. This would've hit me a lot harder if he worked on the main series..

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