PAYDAY: The Heist + Left 4 Dead Crossover Revealed

Despite denying a crossover at E3, Valve is indeed working with PAYDAY: The Heist developer Overkill Software on a heist level called PAYDAY: No Mercy, set in Mercy Hospital. From the trailer, it appears the bank robbers from Payday begin the infection that leads to the events of Left 4 Dead.

There’s some interesting lines in the trailer:

1. 0:34-0:37: “We’re here to draw some blood from a guy that they have in quarantine.”

2. 1:39: “You’re [beep] 4 dead.”

I can’t wait to test this level out and explore some L4D lore; I also really like the fact that Valve is letting other devs experiment with their franchises. Let’s hope a release date is announced soon.

[via: PCGamesN]

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