Mecha Monday: Sai Mecha Earth Side, Round 2 Reactions

Welcome everyone to another Sai Mecha round. This time, it’s Round 2 of the Earth Side tournament. You can see reactions to Earth Side, Round 1, and Colony Side, Round 1, here.  We’re now down to a select few mechs left.

Gurren Lagann vs Big O (67.86% vs 32.14%)

Kaushik: Well, Gurren Lagann won by a pretty solid margin.  I’m not particularly surprised since Gurren Lagann is definitely more popular than the Big O. While I’m a fan of both, I think I prefer the Big O though.

Laevatein: Ah, you voted for the Big O? So did I. I’m not surprised the Gurren Lagann won though. It seems to be one of the only super robot shows most normal watchers pay attention to. However, I thought there’d be a significant Big O fanbase, but I guess they weren’t prominent enough.

Kaushik: Guess not.

Isn't it sad, Big O?

Laevatein: Speaking of which though, I find something odd about this match-up.

Kaushik: What’s that?

Laevatein: Well, I remember some previous matchups surprising me due to who won. Specifically, I remember some oldies winning when I actually thought the new machines would. I get that Gurren Lagann is extremely popular, and I’m not surprised it won. But I am surprised at its landslide, since Big O was well liked among older watchers.

Kaushik: I wouldn’t really consider Big O and “oldie” by any sense of the word. Not anything like Mazinger or the Nagahama trilogy or something like that. So it doesn’t really have the dedicated fanbase those might have. It maybe well recieved among older viewers, but clearly that wasn’t enough to turn the tide in its favor.

Laevatein: Well, I guess I underestimated the number of people who like Gurren Lagann. Or overestimated the number of Big O fans. Anyway, next round.

Ingram vs Zeta Gundam (37.38% vs 62.62%)

Kaushik: The Zeta Gundam won by quite a hefty margin. The Zeta Gundam is my pick too, but it’s not entirely valid since I’m not really familiar with Patlabor or the Ingram. Still, I’m not surprised the Zeta Gundam won… it’s a far more iconic machine, from a far more iconic series. Honestly, I didn’t even know Patlabor had mecha in it until this contest.

Laevatein: Really?

Kaushik: Yeah I knew Patlabor existed and that’s pretty much it.

Laevatein: Ah, well, guess you can’t help it. Yeah, I also voted for the Zeta Gundam. Unfairly, of course, as I’m not too familiar with the series (though I suppose I’m more familiar with it than you are, at least). However, the Zeta is iconic, as it’s the second Gundam, the first transformable one, and the first one with some really broken powers, among other things. Additionally, I believe Zeta’s the most well liked Gundam series among older fans, and it’s hard to beat Gundam. So the landslide here makes sense, though I guess the old show vs. the other old show split the voter base more than the previous round, haha.

Kaushik: Oh, Patlabor is an old show? I didn’t even know that.

Laevatein: The more you know.

Kaushik: Yep.

Laevatein: It’s really interesting, since it’s about police officers, rather than kids in the military, or some other premise.

If I didn't know any better, I'd also say this looks like Dai-Guard's predecessor.

Kaushik: I see. Well, moving on.

Shin Getter Robo vs Nirvash Type 0 (42.57% vs 57.43%)

Kaushik: We have the first pretty contentious match, and this is the first victory I was no part of. While I love the Nirvash and Eureka 7 is one of my favorite anime, I really have to give it to Shin Getter Robo here. Not my favorite incarnation of Getter Robo (that’ll go to Black Getter) but definitely a really cool machine that’s a classic. I guess I’m a little bit surprised that the Nirvash took this one, but those kinds of things happen. I guess I just underestimated its popularity. I can’t be too annoyed though since I still like the Nirvash too.

Laevatein: Well, I voted for the Nirvash for some weird reason. I’m kind of surprised the Shin Getter lost since it seems to be a dark horse this year. Weirdly enough, unlike most dark horses, this one just stopped. But I guess it gave the Nirvash a run for its money. This also seems to be a case of the newbie winning, which we’ve already seen before. Anyway, poor Shin Getter.

Kaushik: Yeah this match definitely made it more evident than most. While I would’ve preferred to see Shin Getter advance farther, like I said, I can’t be too said about the Nirvash continuing. A surfing mech is really cool, even though some people might find it stupid. I guess I would’ve preferred it if it were the Spec2, but that’s just nitpicking at this point.

No one can deny the Rule of Cool at work here.

VF-25 Messiah vs Mazinkaiser SKL (54.29% vs 45.71%)

Laevatein: I voted for the SKL, but at the time, I had no clue who’d win. And, well, seeing as how it’s the closest match in the round, I guess it really was a swing match.

Kaushik: Yeah this is the match I’m easily the least excited about. I wasn’t a big fan of the SKL OVA series, and while the SKL is kind of cool, it’s no Shin Mazinger or Mazinkaiser. On the other hand, the VF-25 is… another macross fighter I guess. It’s not as cool as the YF-29 Durandal from the same series, or the YF-19 (that cameo’d in the series I suppose), so I kind of chalk it up to “yet another macross fighter jet”. I voted for the Messiah since I’m not really a fan of the SKL design-wise or anything. I guess the Messiah did win, so that’s nice, but I have a feeling it’ll lose pretty soon. It’s not the most exciting of Valkyries.

Laevatein: Yeah, I was disappointed the YF-19 didn’t make it in, but whatever. Like you said, it’s no Durandal, and the Durandal’s like the only VF I care about in Frontier. So I guess I went with SKL, since that’s a cooler machine. I didn’t really care about this match though.

Hatsueno Alpha (23.33%) vs KOS-MOS (21.11%) vs Melphina (11.11%) vs R. Dorothy Wayneright (28.89%) vs Sammy (15.56%)

Laevatein: Bonus round! Which android did you pick?

Kaushik: I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar with Hatsueno Alpha or Sammy. So to me it was either Melphina, KOS-MOS, or Dorothy. I haven’t really beaten Xenosaga and have no particular attachment to KOS-MOS, even though I think it’s the most iconic character in this list. My vote when to Dorothy, more or less because I liked her more than Melfina. Not to say I don’t like Melfina, but there you have it. I am kind of surprised Dorothy won though, considering the Big O didn’t. I though KOS-MOS would’ve won. But, upsets happen I suppose.

Laevatein: You should finish Xenosaga~. Well, seeing as how she got third place, I guess KOS-MOS isn’t iconic enough and I guess that makes sense. Most people put down Xenosaga out of boredom and probably associate anything to do with the games as stupid, but whatever.  If KOS-MOS wasn’t here though, I would’ve voted for Dorothy.

"You have bad taste, Laevatein."

Laevatein: Yeah, gonna have to agree with you there, it sure is strange seeing Dorothy winning when the Big O lost its match. I wonder which android all the Gurren Lagann fans voted for.

Kaushik: I guess their vote was split up, considering there were 5 entrants for this last round.

Laevatein: Or maybe they voted for Dorothy out of respect for the Big O.

KaushikH: Yeah, could be.

Laevatein: Well, anyway, that’s the round, join us next time!

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A mad scientist who's so cool!

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