E3 Staff Thoughts

Hey all, E3 has come and gone, and the staff has their thoughts. We’ll be addressing a few questions:

1) Of the Big 3, who “won?”

2) What games are you looking forward to? What surprised or interested you the most?

3) What games disappointed you? What games had you wished you seen moar of?

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I found all Big 3 conferences to be very boring. Each started off well: Microsoft came out with Halo 4, Sony came out with Beyond, and Nintendo came out with Pikmin 3. They all then went flat. Microsoft went on and on about Kinect (and Usher), Sony went on and on about Wonderbook, and Nintendo went on and on about Nintendoland. Ultimately, I think Nintendo “won” merely because of my interest in the Wii U.

As far as games I’m looking forward to, Halo 4, Assassin’s Creed 3, Watch Dogs, and Pikmin 3. I definitely was pleasantly surprised by Watch Dogs and Shigeru Miyamoto’s in-depth explanation of Pikmin 3. Unlike most, I was not very interested in Beyond; it looks pretty, but that’s about it. I probably won’t purchase Beyond if it “plays” like Quantic Dream’s first game, Heavy Rain, which I also didn’t buy. I wish I had seen THQ at E3, but due to their financial troubles of late, they didn’t attend. I also would have liked to seen some moar Bioshock : Infinite.


Out of the big 3 developers at E3 this year, Sony definitely impressed me the most. Not that “the most” is a lot in this case, but more than the other two for sure. For starters, no dancing. That’s a big plus. Secondly, they spent the entire conference on games, more or less. Okay, the Wonderbook was bad. I know it, you know it. But Microsoft had Usher, Nintendo had Nintendoland. So I forgive them there.

Insofar as games are concerned… Well, the two games they showed absolutely wowed me. I didn’t know about Beyond until their conference, and I really liked Heavy Rain. Beyond looks to be even better. Maybe it’s not a game by the strict definition of the term, but it’s something that has me excited. The Last of Us was what really wowed me. The people at Naughty Dog have a great track record with the PS3, and it’s clear that the trend will continue with The Last of Us. Definitely my most anticipated game of the year. Even if it’s coming out next year. Well, next to Super Robot Wars: Original Generations 2 anyway.


Who did I think win? Ubisoft, of course… oh, wait, you wanted only the Big Three? Alright, fine, I’m gonna have to give it to Sony. As I mentioned in my articles, Microsoft dedicated way too much time to stuff gamers don’t really care about, and save for Halo 4, I couldn’t care less about the other games they showed. Nintendo was a lot better in some regards. They showed quite a few games that are actually interesting. However, they had to sell the Wii U in their conference, but I think they did a subpar job of that, whereas Microsoft and Sony just had to coast. If Nintendo had to coast, as well, I probably would’ve given it to Nintendo.

Meanwhile, Sony showed off some really interesting games. While The Last of Us looks like another Uncharted, it also looks like it places a lot of emphasis on survival. Choosing your fights, specifically. Beyond also looked quite good, and from what I’ve seen of the ghost mechanic, it seems Quantic Dream is trying to be more of a game than Heavy Rain. While Sony did have Wonderbooks, and while they did shaft the Vita, they still convinced me that the PS3 still has some life left.


Who won E3? Well, it was a bit of a train-wreck from all sides, to be honest. I’m excited for individual games like Assassin’s Creed 3 , Watch Dogs, Pikmin 3, and the new Harvest Moon game just to name a few, but I feel like the companies didn’t give us exactly what we wanted. So no overall winner, I think, but a lot of mini-joys for fans who were waiting for certain games.

LIFE, in awesome poem form:

E3, E3, E3…so let’s see.
Who won you ask?
Let me tell you son.
It’s a tale called Nintendo
And the games they showed.
Nintendo soared with the Wii U and company
While Sony and Microsoft seemed like they were in Sydney.
Although I was surprised and delighted to see
The Last of Us and Pikmin Three (3).
As well as those, Watch Dogs was a delight
As was AC3 (Assassin’s Creed 3) that stole all the spotlights.
So what was I disappointed in you ask?
Let me tell you my good lad.
Microsoft was a disaster
And Sony showed no interest in the thing they call the Vita.
While all this is good, I am just sad to say
E3 was okay.

Well that’s it for our staff’s thoughts. If anything, this year’s E3 gave moar ammunition to those who say the show is outdated. Seeing as Nintendo revealed moar in their recent “Nintendo Direct” conference than at all of E3, this notion is gaining moar support. That’s a discussion for another time, however, so happy gaming everyone!

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